Upper body beatdown

15 men came to the Tradition AO for a Forgotten Jelly beatdown.

The Thang:

Mosey to the outback
– SSH x 15
– Cotton picker x 15
– Windmill x 15
– Arm circles

Exercise set 1: Arms (3 sets total)
– Curls (2 handed) (10, 15, 20)
– Dips (10, 15, 20)
– Curl and Press (10, 15, 20)
– Low flutter x 30 between sets 1 & 2
– Low dolly x 30 between sets 2 & 3

Exercise set 2: Shoulders (3 sets of 8, 10, 15)
– Shoulder Press
– Upright rows
– Shrugs
– LBC x 30 between sets 1 & 2
– W’s x 30 between sets 2 & 3

Exercise set 3: Chest & Back (3 rounds)
– Merkins (10, 12, 15)
– Bent-over row (10, 12, 15)
– Chest Press (10, 12, 15)
– Pullups (10, 10, 10)

– 4 x homer to marge
– 15 x LBC

– This was my first Iron Fist Q and I hope you enjoyed it. Stoli’s Iron Fist workout from June was my inspiration.
– There was a lot of mumble chatter throughout this workout. Actually, there was a lot of chatter at the beginning and more mumble at the end. I think that was a good thing.
– I don’t know about everyone else, but my arms and shoulders were finished by the last round of pullups.

12 thoughts on “Upper body beatdown

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    @ForgottenJelly – I thoroughly enjoyed this. Could definitely sense some @Stoli in this one. Well done! Also, just let @Dingo and I know when we can expect breakfast…

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      Typically when you place a bet with someone you need to actually tell them that you made the bet. That’s how this works.

      1. Gangsta's Paradise

        There you go making sense again. I did tell Dingo, so he knew. Does that count?


  2. Dingo

    @jelly – your best Q to date! Really enjoyed this one. The curls to chest press were tough!

    My favorite spot for brekky is the sweet spot

    @66 – thanks for visiting! I hope you liked the cinderblocks. Though next time you may want to try one of the big ones 😉

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      As I said to Gangsta’s Paradise, you need to let people know when you make bets with them.

  3. Skipper

    Looks good @Jelly, I did some running with our #Highlands brothers today, but am sorry I missed the visit of @66. He was the easiest EH I ever had. Pre-F3 he was a friend of my neighbor and I’d see him a couple times a year next door. One day I mention F3 to him and we only talk about it for two minutes, max. Didn’t even think anything of it until the following week when an #Isotope brother tells me that Phillip Truong posted. My response,”Awesome, who’s that?” Glad to see @66 still enjoying F3 and getting around to #Tradition, only wish our paths crossed more often.

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