Less was More with Cinderblocks

18 Pax joined together at Tradition for a Cinderblock sweat fest.  After putting the workout together, YHC realized time wasn’t on our side this morning.  Here’s how it went:


Mosey to Field for Warmup:

SSH 10x

IST 10x

Cotton Picker 10x

Arm Circles


Everyone grabs a cinderblock for the following:

Bicep Curls

Cinderblock Squats

Cinderblock Burpees (Forgotten Jelly’s Favorite!)

Cinderblock Merkins

Pull Ups

The plan was to start with 15x and work our way down from there (14x, 13x, etc.).  After completing the first set, it became apparent we may not finish, so we bumped it down to 10x to start, and work our way down from there (9x, 8x, etc.).


Mosey back to Parking Lot for Mary:

LBC 25x

Low Flutter 20x

W 15x

Hello Dolly 10x

Pretzel Crunch 10x on each side


Sweaty Moleskin:

1. Thanks for everyone who showed up, including 1 FNG and a few of our Highlands brothers.  I think this was a record for the Iron Fist workout!

2. Great work by everyone today.  I don’t know about you, but I was feeling it after we were done.  Sound off if you feel the same!

3. Buckwheat, what an awesome story about your F3 journey.  Thanks for sharing and encouraging!

6 thoughts on “Less was More with Cinderblocks

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Enjoyed it Gangsta! Great workout. Definitely felt it after we were done. Actually liked the cinder block burpees.

  2. Dingo

    Simple and effective! That’s how I like it! Great workout Gangsta! I was experiencing dizziness, muscle fatigue and pain! Everything a good workout should have!

  3. BlindDate

    Nice job Gangsta! Definitely felt the fatigue in my arms. It’s always a good thing when you are struggling to do 4 or 5 merkins after a while. Major Pain would have enjoyed that workout for sure.

    1. Gangsta's Paradise Post author

      @BlindDate – sorry for forgetting you above. Great pushing today! Major Pain definitely would’ve enjoyed that workout.

  4. Bloodsport

    Great workout Gangsta definitely a push and sore pretty much everywhere …

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