Just the facts Schedule C, just the facts

23 of Harrisburg’s Finest (2 FNG’s) made it out on a beautiful August morning to see what YHC had on tap.

Mosey (High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karaoke R&L)

SSH 20x, IST 20x, Mountain Climbers 20x head to The Wall for The Peoples Chair.

BTW, 10-8 count Bodybuilders, Bear Crawl to mid field, Plank, Jack Webbs 1-6, run to end of field, 10 LBCs, Jack Webbs 10-7 (wait what?), back to The Wall & PC, 10-8 ct Bodybuilders, run to middle Plank, 10 Hand Release Merkins.

2 line Indian Run 1 Merkin sprint to front, long route to the far side of The Ridge, Ladder (1 Burpee-5 Air Squats), Plank at bottom when finished, over the hill 10 LBCs oyo, Plank, Jack Webbs 6-1, back over the hill 2 line Indian Run (2 Merkins etc.) long way around past launch and back.

Mary: Squirm 20x, Low Flutter 20x, Crunchy Frog 15x, Low Dolly 20x, W’s 14x


  • @Schedule C (and others, sing out in the comments) great work on the mumble chatter, it kept me on my toes and lightened the mood.
  • @Starsky thanks for the BS call when I called the second Indian Run #missionaccomplished. Why were you surprised when you gave a suggestion during Mary and then had to count it?
  • More running than usual but the Mud Run will be here soon, just getting ready.
  • @Solo Cup H/T on theĀ 2 miles before the workout this morning.
  • Welcome to Chris and Steven great work out there today.
  • Cobains on my slack at explaining some of the exercises for the FNGs.
  • There is something that Chaos might have wanted to say but I can’t think of it right now.
  • Definitely humbling to lead the group butĀ Great fun as always.

5 thoughts on “Just the facts Schedule C, just the facts

  1. SoloCup

    Nice lead bud. 9 (ish) weeks out from the Mud Run… it’s time for me to step up my game. Just about passed out there after the first round of BTW/Bear Crawls

  2. Gamma

    Great lead, Oz. Way to keep us guessing on the Jack Webb count, and in bringing out the…uh…best in Schedule C. Just remember, we all respect the Q, we just don’t have to like the Q….

  3. Schedule C

    @Oz, You mentioned that you forgot to take notes on everything I brought up during the workout. I’ve listed them here as well as adding in some items that we didn’t realize were issues during the workout:

    1. Dirt on the field.
    There was dirt on the field AND we had to do hand-release merkins in it. My shirt and gloves got dirty. Next time lets move the hand-release merkins to an area on the outer edge of the field. The dirt seemed to be in the middle of the field. Craziness.

    2. Grass is wet in the mornings.
    My gloves and feet got REALLY wet running in the grass. Lets concentrate on keeping the exercises on the pavement. Add moisture to the dirt and you get… MUD.

    3. Pavement has rocks.
    I didn’t complain about this (I didn’t want to seem like I was “that” guy) but I heard several pax mentioning there were rocks on the pavement. I personally did not see a rock.

    4. Roads have cars.
    We encountered several cars this morning. Those are VERY dangerous.

    5. BUGS
    There were bugs on the pavement during Mary. Now, I thought bugs were only in the dirt (and grass, see above notes) but they followed us to the pavement. What makes this worse is that we didn’t know what KIND of bug it was. That could have been VERY dangerous.

    While this isn’t an exhaustive list it does provide a comprehensive overall look at some of the issues “we” had this morning.

    # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

    Really, this was a killer workout this morning. I was sucking wind most of the time. You did a great job leading. I just wanted to lighten things up a bit with the #mumblechatter.

    1. OZ Post author

      Thanks Bud. I’ll keep this list with me and see what I can do about some of the issues.

  4. Rooster_MS

    Oz, never mind the rest in between. Did you breeth? Nice lead, especially the merkin Indian runs.

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