Early Edition Yoga (well it would have been if Col. Mustard had shown up with the yoga mats)

11 Men passed up the opportunity to #snugglesack and posted for the early edition at Mallard Creek Park. Some were smartsacking to help fend off or recover from injuries, others had their 2.0’s for the weekend, and one in particular was waiting for the “varsity” workout at 7:00. There was one notable absence. After talking smack on Twitter last night, Col. Mustard put his yoga pants on, but only to have a little snuggle time with his M and left us without his promised yoga mat.

Anyway, the beat down went a little something like this.

The Thang:

Mosey from tennis court lot to upper bus lot.

SSH x15
Cotton Pickers x15
IST x15
5 Burpees OYO

Mosey to curb by the school entrance for 30 calf raises.

Mosey to lower parking lot for a few exercises.
Get a parking spot: side to side shuffle for 40 touches.
Side to side hops x20

Partner up.
Partner 1 runs around far grass island and back (approximately 50 yds).
Partner 2 does exercise. Alternate running and AMRAP exercise.

Squats (or Scotts apparently)

On the line for some sprints (approximately 20 yards).
Forward out and backpedal back
Side shuffle out and back.

Repeato (sprints)

Mosey over to the ramp, hand walk the rails.
Partner merkins on the bike racks
10 reps x 2 sets each.

Mosey to the softball field. (who’s the guy with the F3 shirt running up 20 minutes in….oh it’s just The Nanny back from being DR).
Hand walk the rails to the bleachers.
Grab a space on the bleachers, run to the top fence x10. (Thought this was week so I cut it out of the repeato).
Step ups x 10 (each leg)
Dips x10
Incline merkins x10
Decline merkins x10


Mosey up the parking lot.
Side to side shuffle for 40 touches.
Side to side hops x20
Bunny hops over the line x20

Long mosey to the shelter.

Bobby Hurley’s (in honor of the fartsacking Mr. Belding) x10
Incline Merkins x10
Squats x 10 (or Scotts depending on your preference)
Decline Merkins x10
Step ups x10 (each leg)


Out to the snack shack.

Balls to the wall contest. Props to @Icicle for pulling out the win with honorable mention to @Etch.
Peoples Chair for 1 minute.

Make the long mosey back to the tennis court lot for a little bit of Mary.
LBC x15
Squirm x20.

Cut off 5 minutes early to allow the double downing crew to catch their breath.

It was a pleasure to lead this morning gentlemen. I had some pain in mind with the tractor tires that are usually on the practice field, but I guess we will have to wait for those to reappear when school is back in session.

Solid work by all of the Pax this morning. We used a good bit of the AO. I hope I didn’t forget any exercises, I was winging it without the tires and I tried to make the list the best I could from memory.  Cobains if I left anyone off the Pax list, sound off and I’ll add you.

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