I have the number in my head…

7 Harrisburg men posted in the rain for another edition of Harrisburg Iron. According to the last census, that means 5561 did not.

Farmer Carry to the front of the school.
SSH x15
Merkins x10

KB tree starting with 4, then 8/4, then 12/8/4….up to 32/28/24/20/16/12/8/4, then ran through one last set, starting at 36, skipping every other exercise for the sake of time. The exercises were:

4 KB Burpee Clean/Press (36 total completed)
8 KB Bent Over Rows (56)
12 KB Front Raises (84)
16 KB Hammer Curls (80)
20 KB Swings (100)
24 KB Curl/Press (72)
28 KB Skull Crushers (84)
32 KB High Rows (32)
36 second KB Front Hold – arms straight out in front

LBC w/KB x25
Low Flutter w/KB x25

COT (Solo Cup takes us out)

1. Always an honor to lead this group. Most are the KB regulars, and the improvement is notable. Casper is a perfect example – said he hated this workout when he first started, has rarely missed since, and now powers through like and old pro.
2. SSMinnow claims to just be a runner, but after the tires yesterday and KBs today, I’m thinking he’s sneaky-strong as well.
3. Heavy dose of shoulder work (and to a lesser exent, biceps) since we don’t do much of that the rest of the week. Hopefully Monkey Wrench was still able to brush his teeth. I’m definitely having a hard time lifting my arms this morning.
4. No Rooster and no Chaos, but Rib Shack filled in nicely…..sun was not out, but the guns were!
5. Tclaps to Solo Cup for hanging tough with the 35#. Nice work, sir. And the Tommy Boy references never get old…
6. I think we need to suggest to HRHS that their open house should included a session on scraping gum off the walkway. If only they had a couple garbage cans right there….oh wait…
7. Not sure what was wrong with YHC’s number calling…not that BBQ noticed since he wasn’t listening anyway. Apparently it didn’t make anyone feel better that I at least had the right number in my head.

Pax Tibi,

6 thoughts on “I have the number in my head…

  1. Gamma Post author

    Strong work this morning, gentlemen. Especially coming off BBQ’s workout yesterday, this was not easy.

  2. Rooster_MS

    Sorry gamma, had to study. Exams are over, passed. Will be there Saturday for a thrashing.

  3. BBQ

    @Rooster – Missed having you out in the gloom lately. Look forward to seeing you Saturday.

    @Solo Cup – way to hang tough with the 35#. The stronger men buy the 35#, right @Jolt? Speaking of Jolt, where’s he been lately. Hope he didn’t return his KB just to fartsack.

  4. SoloCup

    Nice lead Gamma…the only reason I got up and came out in the rain was because you were leading kettle bells. Not sure how tough I hung with the #35…compromised form/reps for weight #pridewillgetyouhurt

  5. SSMinnow

    Nice lead @Gamma…appreciate the helpful tips on form. I counted the ‘kettle bell haul’ to and from today’s covered AO as part of my workout (#longwalk)

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