20 men braved the cooler tempetures to get dirty and clean-up the mess YHC left at The Ridge. Here’s how the AM started…

YHC arrived at the AO shortly after 0500 pleased to see no other members of the PAX had arrived early. After planting the shovel flag, YHC hatched his plan. First, see if the gate to the stadium bleachers is still open. CHECK – not just open but WIDE open. Next, find the tires hidden behind the shed. CHECK – they’re there but should YHC move them out to the field for quicker access? Yep!

Tires consisted of 4 bus tires (smallish), 2 larger bus/truck tires (mediumish), and 2 tractor tires (The Big Boys). YHC moved each out to the end of the field, separating by size. YHC did his best to remove the excess water but just like any water ride, you might get wet or you might get SOAKED!

By now, YHC could see head lights in the distance so he quickly returned to the launch point and said nothing of his doing. The beatdown could begin.

WARM-UP (x denotes cadence):
Mosey around parking lot with high knees and butt kickers
SSH x 20
Windmill x 10
Slow Air Squat x 10
Mtn Climber x 15
Plank Jax x 15

THE THANG (x denotes cadence):
Mosey to bottom of bleachers for StairMaster
PAX run up and down 10 sections of stairs…then REPEATO!
Incline Merkins (single-count) on each row of bleachers – 1 on first row, 2 on second row, etc. up to 15
Step-ups to the top and back down x 3 (OYO)
Dips x 15

Mosey to Tire Kingdom
PAX split into teams of 4 and chose their team’s tire (either smallish, mediumish, or The Big Boy)

  • Each man flip 5x while the team follows doing Walking Lunges. After 5 flips, rotate to next man and continue approx 100 yds.
  • Each man flip 1x then jump in and jump out of tire. Go to back of line and continue 100 yds.

*YHC called an audible 1/3 of the way across the field. This allowed the PAX to experience the variety of each tire.

Once all tires crossed the finish line, YHC informed them that he had brought the tires out but the PAX was going to clean up the mess. YHC ensured all tires were returned to their proper location for future use.

Fast mosey back to the launch point for Mary.

LBC x 10
Low Flutter x 10
Low Dolly x 10



  • The PAX learned that tires alone are a challenge but wet tires adds to the challenge. Without the right handle, you can become road kill under them.
  • So how many incline merkins did we complete in under 5 min? 120! YHC’s goal was to go all the way to the 20th row and then do incline merkins back down. Yeah, should have thought that one all the way thru – that would have been 420 merkins! Maybe next time…
  • Welcome to newly named Admiral (Kendall Knorr). Personally I liked the other name thrown-out but imagine you’ll live up to this name too. Nice work out there!
  • Laundry detergent this month for the Harrisburg Food Pantry. Bring your small bottles to Solo Cup or Schedule C at your next post.
  • Last question – where was Starsky today? “Plan on seeing you guys Thursday” – famous last words!

6 thoughts on “Tires EVERYWHERE!

  1. BBQ Post author

    Great job guys, thanks for allowing me to lead. In case you were wondering, we didn’t get thru all the tire exercises I had in mind. Expect to see more tires when I Q in the future. There’s your warning.

  2. Gamma

    Great workout, BBQ! Those last 5 steps may have killed us…

    SSMinnow – happy birthday! Way to power through the tire flips, especially the big boy, which has to be at least three times your weight.

    Admiral – welcome back. Great name that I’m sure you’ll do proud…and thank you for your commitment to our country. That said, it was a good thing you and Coppertone were on good terms today…

  3. Starsky

    Well I did say “plan”. Sometimes plans don’t go as you wish and you have to zag and lift weights at lunch. #needmultiplealarmclocks

  4. Titleist

    Man, I miss you guys. You know what? I think I will “plan” on seeing you on…wait, don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. Lol. Hopefully soon, this leg still has me down. BBQ, I always enjoy reading your posts. Creative, and fun to read. Probably more fun to read than to do…but I digress. Looking forward to posting again soon.

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