Station Frenzy!

The VSF was planted and 14 of Tradition’s finest started to whip up into a station frenzy.


Mosey to opposite side of church

SSH x 30IC

Mosey back to PL

Merkins x 10IC

Mountain Climbers x 10IC

The Thang

14 stations:

Flutter kick w/ GR1 Ruck (@ 40#) press

Jump Rope

KB Swing 35#

40# Sandbag O/H press

60# sandbag squat

Curl w/ 30# PVC

LBC w/ 20# sandbag

Jump Squat over 3 cinder blocks on end (your 6 must touch block on squat)

45# PVC O/H press

Cinder block Merkins (1 merkin left side, 1 merkin on block, 1 merkin right side)

Lunge w/ 30# Bulgarian Bag


Sumo Squat w/ 55# KB

The Timer? Run w/ truck tire (235/85 R16) around church around PL (Sorry Buckwheat…and Thank You)


2nd round tire drag went length of PL not circumference (save time) which allowed 2 complete rounds of all exercises


Squirm x 10IC

Low Dolly x 10IC

Homer to Marge x 10IC


– It’s always a pleasure Qing Tradition, great AO with great PAX. Looking forward to Qing again in the near future.

– Thank you to Buckwheat for being the first PAX to drag the tire. We found that the distance around the church was a wee bit far. Audible called by YHC, all PAX run around PL

– Excellent work from all the PAX, pushed it hard this morning with all the muscle confusion, weight and cardio (lifting weights faster) we finished strong #IronFist



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