Cinderblock Blues

16 PAX gathered for a humid, sweat filled Iron Fist workout filled with cinderblocks

The Thang:


Mosey to field

Warm Up:

SSH 15x

Cotton Picker 15x

Arm Circles

Leg Stretches


Partner Up for Workout:


Partner 1 does shoulder presses 15x

Partner 2 does pull ups 15x


#2 (Q tries to be creative)

Partner 1 does merkins 15x

Partner 2 does cinderblock burpees 15x



Partner 1 does cinderblock lunges halfway up field and back

Partner 2 does air squats until Partner 1 returns



Mosey back to parking lot

Slow count merkins 10x

Elbow Plank for 1 minute



Airborne Mindbender for 1 minute

LBC 30x

Squirm 20x

W 20x

Low Flutter 15x

Pretzel Crunch 20x

Hello Dolly 20x

Homer to Marge


Sweaty Moleskin:

1) Thanks for allowing me to lead today. Truly an honor.

2) Everyone did a great job pushing through the humidity, especially on those cinderblock exercises!




4 thoughts on “Cinderblock Blues

  1. Dingo

    Great job @@GP!

    Those cinderblock burpees were awful! And a great new addition to “how to demoralize the pax”!!

    @buckwheat – great job on those burpees! You knocked out all 30 of them! Strong!!

  2. Skipper

    This #IronFist thing seems to be catching on, strong showing with 16!

    @Dingo – we missed you at #Highland Cruise. Me and @LawDawg told everyone you would show…

    1. Dingo

      Aye skipper…….I guess I slept through my alarm or it didn’t go off. Anyway, I woke up at 5:21 and was gonna go back to sleep, but realized if I was quick enough I could make Iron Fist……barely…….

      I will be there next week!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Cinderblock burpees? Someone is going to have to demonstrate those tomorrow. Wish I could have been there. Sounds like it was a great workout.

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