Lets walk that off…..

15 Strong souls arrived at Tradition on a beautiful, cool Friday morning to see what they would be doing with their Big Ole Metal Balls.  I had planned to do this workout about a month ago, but I….uh….slept through my Q……I did a variation of it at a bootcamp the following week, slightly different exercises, but it sucked without kettle bells!  So I was excited to see just how much it sucked with them!  It did not disappoint!  I agree with Buckwheat – “Bad day to up your kettle bell weight”.

Warm up was a little mosey around the Church.  So cool out there we had to get the blood flowing, not a problem we have had lately.

  1. 20 x SSH
  2. 20 x MC

Lets get into this beast!

Kettle Bell Ladder Challenge

  1.  Burpee Jump over Kettlbell x 1
  2. KB Goblet Squat x 2
  3. KB swing x 3

Repeat each exercise and 1 to Burpee, 2 to Goblet, 3 to Swings until you reach 10 Burpee, 20 Goblets, 30 Swings.

Curl up on the ground and die……

No!!  Don’t do that yet!  We have 15 minutes to kill!!

  1. Skull Crushers x 20
  2. Lying Chest Press x 20
  3. Turkish get up x 20(Scrap that……Changed to Pull Overs)

Repeat x 3


  1. LBC w/KB x 20
  2. Homer to Marge


  1. Thanks for coming out guys!  I really like leading KB workouts!  I was informed last week that a high intensity KB workout can burn 900 calories!!  I hope we can somewhere close to that today!!
  2. That KB ladder challenge was a killer!!  My legs were seriously shaking!  I could have stopped after that and been happy with the workout!
  3. Great to see we are getting some regulars out at BOMB!
  4. Kettlebells are on sale at Academy  Sports!  $1/lb!  Go get one!!  Also, if that was easy for you today?  You need a heavier bell!!


6 thoughts on “Lets walk that off…..

  1. Striker

    That was a tough workout, awesome Q Dingo.

    @Major Pain, thanks for the advice on my form.

  2. Dingo Post author

    Thanks striker!

    Major Pain is quickly becoming the form police!! We need it!! Keep your backs straight!!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Great Q today Dingo. It was nice to come to a Friday workout again. Thanks Major Pain for the help on the form. Don’t want to get hurt.

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