Making It Up As We Go

5 Pax posted in the much less humid gloom for a completely unscripted, Weinkeless Warrior One.

The Thang:


Half Howl-at-the-Moon series- Including: Mountain, Forward Fold, Half-Forward Fold, Chair, Chair w/Spinal Twist, Chair w/Side-Angle.

Lunge Series- Including: Down Dog, Three-Legged Down Dog, Cheetah, Crocodile, Honeymoon, Lunge, Crescent, Spinal Twist, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Side-Angle, Peaceful Warrior, Triangle.

Pyramid R/L.

Balance Series- Including: Tree, Figure Four w/squat, Warrior Three, Half Moon, Revolved Half Moon.

Table Series- Including: Cat/Cow, Spinal Balance, Gate, Half Knot.

Down Dog, Pigeon R/L.

Eye of the Needle (Dead Pigeon), Revolved Abdomen, Happy 2.0.

COT (w/Road Warriors)

  1. It’s interesting how subdued the Pax is for COT on Wednesdays- the Road Warriors are worn out and the Warior One pax are all relaxed.
  2. Going no Weinke worked fine, but it made the backblast harder to write. Hope nothing got left out.
  3. See you all next time.




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