Jump and Run

7.16.14 Warrior Route

Four Harrisburg faithful and one mascot converged to beat the streets, not knowing what else might be in store.


100 yd warm up mosey to a suitable intersection (Key Ln and Carl Parmer).  10 burpees OYO.  Remember this spot, for each loop around the Town Center, 10 more burpees.  1 loop = 1.25 miles.

After the loop was established, SS Minnow and The Magnificent took off, not to be seen again until Mary.  Good work men.

Cool down stretch with Warrior One.


  • Glad to see the water dry up to keep the my clothes from carrying more than my sweat.  Perfect running weather, for sure.
  • I think that we all got in three laps, regardless of speed, if you were tough, with 40+ burpees.
  • Maybe adding burpees to a run will help us with the Mud Run…
  • It is amazing how much soreness is averted when we get to finish up with stretching.  Makes the next day all the better.
  • Good times men, thanks

4 thoughts on “Jump and Run

  1. BanjoBoy Post author

    Thanks guys. Visions of Spartan Races past crept into my head after signing up for the Mud Run… 25 burpees for each obstacle that was not completed… it sucked. Ask @solocup about it.

    1. SSMinnow

      You are getting there, SoloCup. Consistency is key in improvement, and you post as much as anyone I have seen. It will come. I enjoyed the run with you and BanjoBoy and the Magnificent this AM, even the pain stations….nice addition, BanjoBoy

  2. BBQ

    @Banjo Boy – looks like a good one! Sorry to miss, in Jacksonville for the week. I did get several miles in myself yesterday. I’ll be back next week. Look forward to meeting The Magnificent when I’m back too.

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