7-11 on 7-11

13 Pax showed on 7-11 for a 7-11 beatdown in the gloom.

The thang-

Mosey around parking lot

SSH x 20
Arm Circles
Hamstring Streches

7 Exercises 11 Times
Goblet Squats
Bicep Curls
Chest Press
Sumo Squat
Tricep Extension

Complete 11 reps of each exercise and rotate to a different kettlebell after each set. Complete 11 rounds and decrease by 1 rep each round.

@gulfstream- thanks for bringing a log and a rucksack for guys who didnt have a kb. The log made things interesting.

@majorpain- thanks for reminding us of the free slurpees today.

@pax- great work today guys and hope you enjoyed the beatdown. Now go get a kettlebell if you dont have one and get a bigger one if you already do!

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