Worst kept secret

3 Harrisburg men headed out in the gloom to become burly men. So what’s the secret? The internet says runners that want to improve their strength and speed must run hills. Considering F3 loves doing #CSAUP things AND because the internet’s always right, the PAX set out for the challenge.

Mosey to Harrisburg Park (approx 1+ mile)
Start at Main/Kee
Right on 49
Left on Sims (entering Harrisburg park)

At bottom of the hill YHC provided these instructions:

  • The PAX will sprint approx 0.1 mile to the top of the hill (remember to lengthen stride and use arms for power)
  • At top, turn around and slowly run to the bottom (approx 0.1 mile)
  • Repeato 8-10x or until YHC says hault

Mosey back to launch point (approx 1+ mile)

Road Warriors didn’t make it back in time – the Warrior One PAX had already finished.

COT (Banjo Boy)


  • Tclaps to Banjo Boy and Swami for coming out. As much as YHC hates hill repeatos, they are needed (especially for the BRR). It helps having the PAX there to sweat through it.
  • If YHC’s math is right, the hill is 0.1 mile with an elevation gain of 50ft (approx). That equals a 9.5% grade.
  • If you want more info on hill workouts check-out this Running Times article. This was the inspiration for today.
  • The PAX completed around 5 miles. The image below just shows the route, not the actual route from the watch.

2014-07-09 Road Warriors

4 thoughts on “Worst kept secret

  1. BBQ Post author

    Thanks again for coming guys, good work. Forgot to mention that in order to avoid injuries, only do hill work once a week. In case you really felt the need to do it again…

  2. Colonel Mustard

    I hope to see you out at #ElDorado on Monday. Plenty of stairs and hills mixed in.

    1. BBQ Post author

      Well fortunately…I mean UNfortunately I’ll be out of town next week. Looks like I’ll miss out 🙁 I may have to find my own hills/stairs. But trust me, I’ll be back out at the El Dorado.

  3. BanjoBoy

    I woke up feeling good and looking forward to a good run. About 3.5 in I was hoping this thing would be over. Even Dixie was whooped.

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