UQ, IQ, we all Q

Looks like we need to start voluntelling Qs down the road.  10 strong posted at MCP in perfect temps and low humidity… great opportunity to get after it, but we’ve got no Q.  Did Gump fartsack another Q?  Nope, just none signed up. No problem, we got this.  Let’s roll.

Warm-o-rama (Chowder)
Mosey to concession stand parking lot
– SSH x 19 IC
– Imperial Storm Trooper x 19 IC
– Merkins x 10 IC (hey! YHC didn’t call recover – get back down in plank!)
– Mountain Climber x 19 IC

The Thang
Matlock takes the Q
Indian Run (2 lines) to football practice field
Line up on center line with a partner
AYG to light post (each partner head in opposite direction)
10 Burpees
AYG back to center line
20 LBC
Repeato x 4 (5 sets total – head opposite direction each time)
Plank when finished

Everyone head same direction
Lunge to light post
Jump squats x 20 OYO
Lunge back to center line
Jump squats x 20 OYO

Chowder takes the Q
Mosey to side of school
Plank walk rails from parking lot to corner of school
Repeato in the opposite direction
Grab some wall in the alcove
People’s Chair x 60s
Donkey Kicks x 19 IC
People’s Chair x 75s (mix in L/R leg up)

Mosey to hill toward front of school
The ruck-master in Gulfstream wants to plow through the underbrush… instead, line up for:
Quadraphelia x 3 make that 5
Plank at bottom when finished (L/R arm up)
Bear crawl up hill
Plank at top
Merkins x 10 IC
Fast 10 count from El Toro

Mosey to picnic tables by cafeteria
Incline Merkins x 10 IC
Decline Merkins x 5 IC
Incline Merkins x 8 IC
Decline Merkins x 4 IC
Incline Merkins x 6 IC
Decline Merkins x 3 IC
Incline Merkins x 4 IC
Decline Merkins x 2 IC
Incline Merkins x 2 IC
Decline Merkins x 1 IC
Dips x 10 IC (for Buckwheat)
Another fast 10 count from Gulfstream

Mosey to parking lot
Grab a parking spot line for (obviously)
Burpees x 5 OYO

Mosey to main parking lot (Jail break after half way)

The PAX’s Mary
– W x 15 (Dutch)
– LBC x 15 (El Toro)
– Reverse Crunch x 20 (Shazam)
– Low Dolly x 20 (Buckwheat?)
– Squirm x 20 (Gulfstream)
– Crunchy Frog x 15 (Octane – if anyone touches before finished; 5 more)
– Crunchy Frog x 5 (Octane)

The PAX’s Moleskin
– Great job fellas!  Way to push strong and keep working
– Tclaps to @Matlock for jumping in a getting us going with a tough leg set (wow, that got the legs burning!)
– Thanks to the PAX for taking on Mary.  Now that you’ve got a taste of it, sign up to Q a beat down.
– Speaking of sign ups – get in for the Mud Run; deadline is July 15.  It’s awesome, you’ll be glad you did it.  Details in the News link of the daily email.
– Safe travels to the Skybrook crew – enjoy the beach!
– Congrats to @Shazam on the new gig – they’ve got themselves a great man and leader.

2 thoughts on “UQ, IQ, we all Q

  1. Shazam

    Great work by all today! T-claps to @Matlock and @Chowder for the spontaneous Q. The rail walks were brutal and I think we all had our fill of burpees.

    Make sure you sign up for the Mud Run. I had been slacking, but just knocked it out this morning! Have a great weekend men.

  2. Buckwheat

    Surefire beatdown this AM. Nice job on the fly @Matlock and @Chowder. Thanks for the dips after all the incline and decline merkins. My tri’s are still burnin, along with, um, the rest of my body!

    Way to push through a tough workout @Dutch. Keep coming back. As they say: it won’t get easier but you WILL get stronger!

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