Leading from Behind

How does a fat kid Q a running workout and keep the pax together? Yep, make them run in circles! Five men of Harrisburg hit the road for some interval training….

Warm-up job around the away from Town Hall and around the “track” then:
.6 mile loop at an “uncomfortable” pace (not full race pace, but unable to hold a conversation), followed by a .25 mile cool-down mosey. Repeat.
1.2 mile loop at an “uncomfortable” pace, followed by a .25 mile mosey. Repeat, then start over with the .6 mile loop.

Total mileage varied from 4.3 to 5 miles.

Mosey back to Town Hall and join Warrior One for Mary.
Crunchy Frog x10
Mason Twist x10
The W x10


1. This was a slight repeat of BBQ’s Road Warrior Q a couple weeks ago. The loop was slightly longer than I expected, but all the more of a challenge.
2. BBQ and SSMinnow were well out front, with Banjo Boy not far behind. Jackie Chiles an YHC brought up the rear, but still got in over 4 miles. Strong work by all.
3. Judging by the chatter afterwards, sounds like Solo Cup really pushed the Warrior One crowd.
4. Didn’t all those cars know that was our personal track for the morning? The nerve of some people….


3 thoughts on “Leading from Behind

  1. BBQ

    @Gamma – although you led from “behind”, it was still a good, tough one for me. You may want to hire a new paving company cause your “track” was not so flat, as Minnow and I noticed a couple hidden inclines.

    @Minnow – I never heard you breathing hard the whole workout! Maybe I can push YOU one of these days. I enjoyed running with you this AM. You running at the middle school track before tomorrow’s beatdown? If you’d like some company let me know what time to show up, I could use some extra miles.

    @Banjo Boy, @Jackie Chiles – Minnow wouldn’t let me stop to run with you guys…(but boy I wish I could of).

  2. SSMinnow

    @BBQ…believe me, I was breathing hard. You gave me motivation to push through that thick air, and you kept up a good pace on those quick tempo laps….enjoyed the run with you. All the runners pushed themselves in that humidity this morning. Unfortunately, I’ll miss Chaos’s virgin Q tomorrow. I will be able to get out for the Bull Run and workout on Saturday….looking forward to that.

    @Gamma…that ‘big lap / little lap’ tempo run format that you devised is a real good speed workout, and a convenient location at the Town Hall AO…have to remember this one.

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