Kemosabe’s 2nd Post (Like the late Rodney Dangerfield movie, Back to School, “Q” school that is)

13 guys showed up this morning on a hot and humid day to get their blood flowing and the sweat dropping. Kemosabe was a little off at times this morning, but like the disclaimer says we are not professionals, however I like to strive for perfection so I will admit my mistakes and learn from them. And yes I will attend the next more in depth “Q” school. Here is how it went down!!

Mosey around the church for one lap

Parking Lot

Side Straddle Hop- 12 in cadence
Wind Mills- 12 in cadence
Carolina Dry Docks- 12 in cadence
Merkins-10 single count
Diamond Merkins- 10 single count
Wide Merkins- 10 single count

Head to the field of gloom

Pairs of 2 on your own:
Partner 1 (Pull Up Bars) Partner 2 (at picnic table)
10 Pull Ups 15 incline merkins
10 Chin Ups 15 dips on picnic table
10 High Knees 15 decline merkins
Hang on bar for 30 sec’s 15 more dips on picnic table
After you have completed switch

Let’s mosey over and pick up some cinder blocks
1. Perform 10 arm curls with cinder blocks in cadence.
2. Perform 10 raised cinder blocks over your heads in cadence.
3. Perform 10 skull crushers with cinder blocks in cadence.
4. Perform 10 raised chest presses with cinder blocks in cadence.
5. Perform 10 squats holding cinder blocks in cadence.


Leg Exercises
1. Lunges with PVC across the field
2. 15 Air squats with PVC single count
3. 15 PVC air presses in cadence
4. 15 single count lunges to the right
5. 15 single count lunges to the left

1. 12 merkins in cadence
2. 12 LBC’s in cadence
3. 12 Squirms in cadence
4. 12 count dying cockroach
5. Finish with 20 merkins on your own

12 thoughts on “Kemosabe’s 2nd Post (Like the late Rodney Dangerfield movie, Back to School, “Q” school that is)

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Looks like I missed a good one. Enjoyed working with the kettlebell in my house, but would have liked to experience a Kemosabe workout. When are you going to do one on Tuesday or Thursday?

    1. Kemosabe Post author

      Good point, I was thinking about that as well. Iron Fist is kind of the same thing over and over again. It would be nice to shake it up on something different. I would also be interested in doing what Skipper suggested and partnering with someone. I think with the group we have we can split some workouts and it would add to the creativitiy of it. What are your thoughts (or that of the PAX as well). I think it would get more folks involved and we can learn from each other.

      1. Dingo

        There are no limitations on what the Q can do. That’s what keeps it interesting. When you Q, it’s your show to run however you like! #nowallstohangstupidruleson

  2. Dingo

    @kemosabe – the exercises were great! Gave everyone the ability to push themselves. Just work on your counting and introducing and starting each exercise.

    Great to see Iron Fist growing! It’s a great workout! We hope some more Traditoners and highlanders come and check it out!

  3. Skipper

    Nice beatdown @Kemosabe! As you know, practice makes perfect so keep volunteering to Q and the counting/exercise intro will become second nature.

    If anyone is looking for the #TraditionCruise backblast there isn’t one today since we decided to join #IronFist. I was supposed to Q the Cruise, but only @Guinness showed mild interest so we opted to work out our beach muscles. #worriedaboutCruise

    Welcome FNG @Christian! Its a tough workout, but well worth it. Hope to see you back out soon.

    1. Dingo

      The cruise will be ok. I was going to cruise today, but wanted to rest my legs for the double down on Friday. #keepthecruisealive

  4. Gump

    Looks like I missed a great workout to heckle the Q.. had to rest the back for my own Q tomorrow.

    @dingo what was @kemosabe saying again at HDHH about Q School????

    1. Dingo

      And I quote….”I don’t need Q school”.

      If anyone thinks he really knows something, he has not yet learned it as he ought to know it. – 1 Cor 8:2

  5. Kemosabe Post author

    Yeah I know you were right Gump, after second thoughts I am glad you missed the workout as well, but I hate to hear your back is hurting :). If you noticed I took FULL ownership of my shortfalls.

  6. Colonel Mustard

    How can @Dingo be at two places at one time. You posted at #Tradition and at #MadScientist this morning. I guess @Dingo isn’t one of those special names…. #Justreuseit

    1. Dingo

      I have heard rumors of another Dingo sighting in the North Country! I am guessing they are true??


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