15 brave men showed up for Speed.  Some interesting facts and definitions of speed were shared and then we dove right into it.

The Thang:

  1. Mosey to basket ball courts. 3 Frodo’s: 1-then 20 Lunges (hands on head), 2-then 20 jumps side-to-side, 3-then 20 squats.
  2. Mosey to Skyline. 3 Up the Hill: 1-then 20 Lunges (hands on head) top of the hill, 2-then 20 jumps side-to-side top of the hill, 3-then 20 squats top of the hill.
  3. To the track….REALLY ??….Yes – to the Track. 400-200: Run 1 lap (400m) full speed. Next Team up by 2’s (first with last, second with before last…and so on). 1 Team member starting line, 2nd team member 1/2 lap ahead. Each runs 200m all out.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Thank you for letting me lead this morning’s workout.  It was FUN, and I’m very proud of everyone that showed up ! 🙂

Posted on behalf of Sonic.

1 thought on “GodSpeed

  1. The Nanny Post author

    @Sonic Glad we got to have you throw down an inaugural lead at Speed. Hated to hear that it might also be your last. Best of luck to you when you move to FL at the end of the month. Plant the F3 flag! I really liked the format for our final 200M sprint of pairing first with last etc. We should do that more often.

    @Pongo Still can’t believe how different you look as compared to when you first posted at F3. 30 lbs down and with your discipline of consistently posting to workouts I am guessing that number will continue to grow. Many t-claps to you for hanging in there when I know it was (and still is) tough. #Inspiring

    @Pax Get that Mud Run registration knocked out. Our goal should be an entire bus just for Highlands – I want that dang thing to pick us up in Highland Creek this year.

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