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PreWood — Sooner To Q

0700 Midwood Park Not sure what’s on tap. Schedule has a guest Q. Come find out who it is. Maybe it will be someone who wasn’t expecting to Q. Bring a friend. And some gloves. Or just bring your friend’s gloves. Just don’t bring a pinny. I don’t get wearing a pinny. Unless you want […]


11 Pax met at 0700 at Midwood Park and found themselves quickly in Villa Heights for some hill work. The Thang: Mosey to Cordelia – with stops along the way for: SSH, Merkins, 1 leg dead lifts, some assorted Mary, and dips At Cordelia Park, Hill repeats with assorted exercises at the bottom, middle and […]

Strung out in Midwood

11 at Midwood for a classic string of pearl workout…. The Thang: Run 2 minutes, COP for 3…..rinse and repeat….exercises included, IW, Merkins, Squats, LBC’s, Burpees, Mary – Work.. Route included Hidden Greenway, Ivy Lane, 7’s on Santa’s Chimney…and a stop at Advance Auto Parts… Just over 4 miles per the Garmin NM: Seemed like […]

It’s always hot in Midwood

0700 Midwood Park Don’t let the cold weather keep you from posting. It’s the last day of the year. Don’t end it wishing you posted. I don’t care where you go, just post somewhere. Pipeline has the Q. I hear he will be discussing the job prospects of Charlotte School of Law graduates. It will […]

Merry MidWood PreBlast

0700 Saturday. Midwood Park Mr. Bo has the Q. I’m sure he will take you on a delightful journey around our fun-loving neighborhood. Or maybe you will run sprints until you puke…or maybe you’ll find yourself at my house raking leaves…hey, who knows…if you ain’t leading this thing, you don’t have a say.

Slaughter’s Balls — Much Better in the Dark

11 Men literally appeared out of the gloom to enjoy a little tropical tour of Midwood. The Thang: Classic String of Pearl workout. Run, regroup with exercise, Run….until we hit Nassau.(#tropical–overused joke)..then: Partner Burpee Chase up the long side…..then 7’s with Merkins and Squats….then another round of 7’s with reverse running with J-Lo’s and Russian […]