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Major audible…

After being rained out on YHC’s first two attempts to Q #F3Gears, the weather was finally amenable and 4 Pax met in the gloom for a ride up to the Speedway… which went well until we faced Ridge Rd and YHC called an audible. ¬†After backtracking just a little bit, the Pax went through a […]

The Great Bluff – Called

In a shameless attempt to scare someone into taking the Gears Q on Sunday night, YHC threatened a ride too hard for most. Except for Man Down who opted for a couple of squats, no one seemed that scared. Feeling uncreative (the real reason for trying to dump the Q) I picked a recycled route […]

Something different

Realized never posted backblast Monday for Gears. Sorry about that. Spreadsheet and YHC rode about 2.5 miles to Jimmy Oehler Rd. Most people know Johnson Oehler, but the little known Jimmy Oehler Rd packs quite a punch. The WOD was 8, roughly .33 mile hill sprints with a .33 mile cool down. Ride the 2.5 […]