Level up at the Dawghouse

AO: F3Dawghouse
Q: yellowcake
PAX: Dawghouse MASH, Ticonderoga, Slash, Backroad, yellowcake
FNGs: None
I Level Up to 45 later this week, so decided to Q at 3 different AOs this week.
Yesterday was Comanche, today was the Dawghouse!
At 0530 Ticonderoga, MASH, Backroad, and YHC ran a lap and then began Warmorama.
Typically we begin with SSHs, but not today as I saw another car coming in and I didn’t want our tardy brother to miss out. So we did some other warmups. Once Slash joined us, we did 45 SSHs.
Now with 5 of us present and accounted for, let’s quadraphilia from the ticket booth to the front of the school.

Everyone do an exercise until Player 1 runs to the far side of the lot. Player 1 begins doing that exercise and Player 2 runs. So ultimately if you aren’t the one running, you are doing the called exercise. When everyone makes it to the other side, repeat with a different exercise:
Shoulder Taps

Next mosey to the tennis courts so we can take advantage of the picnic tables:
10 high incline merkins
10 low incline merkins
10 merkins
10 low decline merkins
10 high decline merkins
run a lap
Repeato all that.

Next, mosey back out to the parking lot
45 Carolina Dry Docks at bottom of hill.
Quadraphilia up the hill.
45 WWIIs.

Mosey back to the tennis courts for a Pax Choice.
Pax 1 picks two exercises, one for him and one for everybody else. Either Pax 1 or the group is the timer.
Repeato with each pax choosing.
YellowCake did 10 pull-ups while the pax did WWIIs.
Slash lunge walked the tennis courts while the pax did donkey kicks.
MASH did gassers across the tennis courts while the pax did mtn climbers.
Ticonderoga bear crawled the tennis courts while the pax did something I can’t remember.
Backroad ran 2 laps while the pax did something else I can’t remember.

There was so much Mary in the workout, we ended with 4 minutes of deep stretching.

Prayers for Audit and his wife Patti. Prayers for Backroad’s wife. Prayers for Slash and his wife as they deal with their 2.0.

It was really great being out there this morning. I’ll turn 45 later this week. I told MASH that I don’t call it getting older, I’m “leveling up” because I feel better and stronger now than ever. I owe that to you guys that show up. I wouldn’t do this on my own, and I wouldn’t do this in a gym. So keep showing up or I might get older!
To the rest of you that missed out today, you were missed.

Till next time, YellowCake out!

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