Bells’n Balls

Q: @Othello
Pax: @Kojak @TarTar @Greenspan @Bearclaw @Battery @Wexler @Smokey @Papajohn @Zin @Clueless @Tbone @Gamma


Twelve manly-men (and YHC) were not afraid of handling a few white balls this Gloom.  Sounds worse than it was as the “balls” in question were golf balls.  Trying to mix it up on a standard HBurg Bells Friday with some employee interaction.  YHC arrived early to waive bye-bye to the 3 runners who were supposedly going for an “easy run” (wink-wink).  I set up my equipment which consisted of 2 large bucket of golf balls, a smaller bucket with golf balls that has the names of certain KBell exercises written on them, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the speaker ;-).

0530 – a lousy disclaimer was given for the 5th day in a row, explanation ensued and the look of disappointment on the Pax faces was priceless.

The Thang
1. Pax (without looking) pulls out a golf ball with said exercise written on it.
2. He announces it to the group and then the rest of the Pax does said exercise AMRAP.
3. The Pax who pulled the ball (Ha!) grabs the two-large bucket of golf balls and does a Farmers Carry around the building.  Hence, he was the timer.
4. Upon return, the next Pax pulls out a ball (Ha!x2) and takes their turn with the Farmers Carry.
5. Repeato until everyone gets a turn grabbing a ball (OK, enough).
After Round 1 – mosey to end of parking lot for 5 Yurpees, mosey back
After Round 2 – mosey to end of parking lot for 5 Yurpees, mosey back
When bucket was empty it was time for…

Mary (w/bell)
Low Flutterx10 IC
Boxcutterx10 IC
Rosalitax10 IC

1. Gremlin 2/4.  A Recon team is going to MH tomorrow to plan their section of the event.  @Wexler may not be able to make it and is looking for someone to take his spot if necessary.
2. Idiot Run 2/11 – @Battery is our newest Idiot and has committed! Aye! You can be an idiot too, come join us.
3. Prayers for @Gapper looking for employment.  Call him up, share a beer or coffee and see what he is looking for.  You never know where opportunities lie.
4. FIRE! – Othello’s house 1/21, 6pm-? Let’s have a little 2nd F.

YHC took us out

Fore!-skine (sorry…)
1. @JD, where were you???? Classic Vinyl was playing and had your name all over it!  No commercials!!
2. I know there were more people than @Wexler and @Kojak humming those 80’s hits this morning.  #earwormallday BTW-@Kojak got the moves!
3. Not even a “Thank You” from @Papajohn for playing his requested K.L. hit, hmmm.
4. I made the mistake of looking at @Gamma out of the corner of my eye during the BD.  The look of disappointment was evident. #sumosquats. Or was that his happy face?
5. @Bearclaw (WD) was offered a Bucket of Golf Balls to take home.  He declined.  I am sure he wishes by now he took that bucket, right?  Call me, I got you covered.
6. YHC has been unable to attend Coffeeteria all week.  I am sure there were some great obscenities directed at YHC after this morning.
7. Only one more day, PTL!

Always an honor.  SYITG!