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Eleven studley-studs read the preblast and decided that a day of moderation with YHC was in their best interest.  YHC announced that he would lead some Broga and/or Tabata today as he was feeling the strain of many weeks of BD’s, runs and Afton Challenge’s on his poor “respect” body.  0525 the Pax rolled in. Some Pax were complaining of aches and pains, others excited for a stretch-day.  At 0530 a lousy disclaimer was given (again) and we were off for a slow mosey to the Ticket Booth.


The Thang
YHC started the speaker which spewed melodic Classic 80’s rock (no commercials I might add).  Over the din, I explained that we were going to begin with a full body stretch and get into all of the Warrior poses.  If time allowed, we would do some Tabata.  Well, time did not allow and it was Broga/stretching to the very end.  It went something like this:
-Mountain Pose
-Neck Stretch
-Shoulder/Tricep stretch
-Vinyasa sequence of poses which included: Up/Down Dog, Runners Pose, Crescent Pose, Warrior one, Warrior Two, Reverse Warrior (each building on the next with constant motion)
-Back stretches
-Thread the Needle Stretch
-Leg Crossovers
-Yogi squat
-Crow (don’t tip over!)
-Cobbler Pose
-Single/Double Hamstring Stretches
-Ankle spins
Not much chatter throughout which means the Pax was either trying to breath, in pain or concentrating.  I say ALL OF THE ABOVE!

COT Count/Name-O-Rama
1. Gremlin 2/4
2. Idiot Run 2/11
3. Rucking event St. Patty’s weekend @ Ft. Bragg.  100% completion rate (so they say 🙂 ) Seek out @Gapper for more details.
4. Prayers for @Gapper as he looks for new employment

Broga-skin (ewwww)
1. I get the feeing this was a much needed diversion from the norm.  Lot’s of Pax with aches and pains that needed a little attention.  Maybe I bring this BD back out once in a while for a little respite.  Face it, we’re NOT getting any younger, except for Kojak.
2. Good to see @Greenspan back out there.  Keep posting buddy, Aye!
3. A @Constitution siting mid week!? #luckyme
4. @TarTar – sorry for the lack of running #NOT!
5. My Broga DVD’s make great Christmas and Anniversary gifts and are available on Amazon for $19.99.  Comes with a free set of leg-warmers and headband. Email me for the link.

Always an honor to lead this group.