Reverse Indian What? Audible!

Q: Othello
Pax: @Solocup @Bonvoy @TarTar @Escalade @Smokey @Bearclaw @SSMinnow @Wexler @Greenspan @Dr. Lecter

Pre-runners: @Wexler @Tbone @Clueless

Ten “winners” joined YHC for Iron Q Day 2 at the Ridge. Pretty warm this gloom, a little windy, but a nice morning to get at it!  0525 the Pax start rolling in.  3 minutes to departure, 2, 1, no one coming in on 2 wheels….Lousy disclaimer, we are off!

Merkinx10 IC
Mt. Climbersx10 IC
GPa Jacksx10 IC
Windmillx10 IC
Mosey up the far right parking lot lane.  At first island begin Butt Kickers.  Follow back down next lane-Karaoke L/R. At Island Back to Butt Kickers to end.

The Thang
Now we are in the 3rd lane from the right.  Mosey up this lane and down the next side stopping at each Island for 5 Burpees. Once back we did Flutter kicksx10 IC to recover.

At the 5th lane we Bearcrawled the entire length stopping at each island for increasing LBC’s (10,20,30,40).  At the top, recover and line up in the actual road (facing the Stadium) and did Toy Soldiers for about 100ft, then Lt. Dan’s for another 100ft to stretch out the legs/hammies.  Mosey to the Ticket Booth.

At the Ticket booth we did the “Circle of Pain”.  Everyone planked in a tight circle, shoulder to shoulder.  One Pax did a Bearcrawl around the outside of the circle, repeato with next Pax upon return.  YHC called regular/elbow plank & flutters to mix it up.

Here is where it fell apart….

Reverse Indian Run starting in the 1st lane on the right of the next parking lot section.  We will go to the end of the lane and back down the next.  That will be our continuous loop.  Last guy off the back to run in the opposite direction around the loop, catches up to the Pax, takes over the lead runner position.  Repeato with the next guy off the back. No good, Pax still sleepy (at least the first two guys were) and screwed everything up. An audible was called by YHC and punishment ensued.

Mosey over to far corner of the parking lot near the school.  Everyone lined up shoulder to shoulder, instructions given and the Cheddah-Shreddah began. Good times.

Mosey over to the Practice Field, line up on the wall-partner up.
Round 1: P1 Peoples chair w/overhead press.  P2 Runs across field and back.  Repeato.
Round 2: P1 Peoples chair w/over-under.  P2 Runs across field and back.  Repeato.
Round 3: P1 Peoples chair (as low as you can go).  P2 high-skips across field, then nurb.

Mosey over to the Portico for 1 round of Partner work. P1 does step-ups. P2 runs around the circle.  Repeato.  We all gathered in front of the portico in a circle for a little Broga stretch which included: Downward dog, Upward Dog, Runners pose.  (We will build off this on Thursday).

Mosey back to the cars with 30 seconds to spare for one round of…

Mary – Crunchy Frogx10 IC
1. Gremlin in 2/4
2. Idiot Run 2/11 – Free!
3. BBBS Bowl-a-thon, 3/18.  Solocup has answers.
4. Prayers for @Hacksaw and Fam still struggling with sisters death.
5. Probably missed something, let me know.
6. Sat 1/21 – FIRE! Othello’s house.  Beer/Bourbon/BS.
YHC took us out.

1. Glad you all made it out today.  Everyone was in top form and looked good.
2. First time meeting @Greenspan (Kotters).  Keep posting brother, see you Thursday!
3. Not sure what happened with the “Reverse Indian Run” this morning.  Probably poor leadership and communication skills on my part combined with a little “stupid” on yours (you know who you are 😉 We all survived.
4. Anyone new to the Cheddah-Shreddah? You’re welcome.
5. An honor to lead this group, AYE! SYITG.

Quote:  A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. – John C. Maxwell (never led a Reverse Indian Run)