Regular, Normal but Backwards Lap

AO: F3Afton
Q: Bravo
PAX: Zacchaeus, Booter, Spaz, Geppetto, hop_hunter, bigblue, Bravo, turbine, Icee-Hot, PeepingTom
FNGs: None
10 of Afton’s finest gathered for a fun-filled 45-min of running, rucking and one on 4-wheels. YHC called out the regular, normal but backwards route and we were off.

Announcements: Opportunity for a F3 leadership role with the 3rd F (Faith). Continuing to push Mount Afton sign-ups.

Prayers Lifted for: @Audit’s M, @Booter’s wife friend (passing away), @bigblue weekend wedding prep, @yellowcake’s M’s sister + daughters, and all others.

Always a pleasure, men!