The Boxer

Date: 12/10/22
Pax: Mullet, Mad Dog, Sugar, SS Minnow, Deadhead, Gamma
QIC: Gamma

Six came out to (unknowingly) celebrate Percent’s four-year anniversary by doing some of the things the Q called out.

1/4 mile run around the track
Slow Yurpees/Mericans
Mountain Climbers x15
Couple more Yurpees/Mericans
Low Slow Squats x5
1/4 mile run the rest of the track back to the start, then up to the shelter

Main Event
5 Dips, 5 Squats, 2 Burpees every minute on the minute for 10 minutes

Down Heartrate Hill to the path. Four laps around the track stopping at each “corner” for:
Corner 1: 13 Monkey Humpers
Corner 2: 13 Hand Release Mericans (“the only honest merican” per Sugar)
Corner 3: 13 WWIIs
Corner 4: 13 Heels to Heaven

Back to the base of Heartrate Hill
5/2 Ladder from the base to the first bench, Yurpees at the bottom, Jump Squats at the top
5/2 Ladder from the first bench to the second bench, Incline Mericans at the bottom, Dips at the top
5/2 Ladder from the second bench to the shelter, Lunges at the bottom, Mericans at the top….or whatever it is you think you heard (“Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”)

10 Incline Diamond Mericans, 10 Dips every minute on the minute for 5 minutes

Back to the cars for Mary
LBCs x52
Flutter Kicks x26


1. Thanks for coming out. Strong work by everyone.

2. Good to see Sugar south of 85, and still setting the pace. Could hear Pink Floyd from a mile a way.

3. Thanks to SSMinnow for the title inspiration…

4. If you’re able/willing to help mentor someone in need, Mad Dog may have an opportunity for you. Just gotta catch up to him on those runs…

5. Mullet wasted no time pre-workout…got out of his car with 5 minutes to spare, so he ran for 5 minutes.

6. Nice job by Deadhead getting in 6 miles before the workout with Clueless. We added another so he’s crediting that towards tomorrow’s run.

7. Looks like Wexler crushed the Huntersville Half, and Othello either overran the 10k, got lost or his watched died….either way, solid 8 mile run. Rumor was Papa John was supposed to be out there as well….

8. Big party today outside Percent Taphouse. Or maybe Venture’s having a revival. Note to Banjo – it’s BYOS (Bring Your Own Snakes).

9. 8th annual Christmas Beer Ruck next Sunday (12/18). 3-5 miles launching from Flying Saucer at 12:30, 2nd F to follow.

10. Full Disclosure: we have no idea if it’s actually the 8th annual Christmas Beer Ruck….but we’ve been doing it a long time.

11. Look for details on another movie day with the orphanage at Gem Theater, probably after the holidays.

12. Mt. Afton Challenge on Saturday, January 14th, once again supporting NAMI Cabarrus. Great event – run, ruck, walk all two hours or just part of it. I promise to wave to you every time you pass the bar.