Its not too late for Muscle Beach!

AO: F3Kannon
Q: Big Tuna
PAX: Grandmaster, Squid, ChopSaw, Loafer
FNGs: None
SSH, Low Slow Squats, Windmills, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Arm Circles

Bring your bell to the top of the parking deck for:
Part 1: Bell Burpee (x5), Front Raise (x10), Goblet Squat (x15), Tricep Extension (x20), KB Swings (x25), Bicep Curls (x30) – run up the ramp to other end for 10 merkins and return to start for 5 rounds total.
Part 2: Lt Dans up and down the ramp (1 squat / 2 lunge ratio) up to ~ 10 squats/20 lunges at the end
Part 3: Clipboard Dude: 1 pax calls exercise and runs to the top of the ramp for 10 CDD’s and back as the timer. We completed two rounds before time was called at ~6:14AM

CSAUP event coming up – Gremlin at F3 Mint Hill is on Saturday, 2/4/2023. F3 Kannon has the opportunity to lead 1 of the beatdowns. Let me know if interested. We would need 3-4 pax to co Q this event based on typical number of participants.

Several prayer requests were shared by the pax and lifted up.