45 Minutes of Zin v2

Date: 10/18/22
Q: Zin
PAX: Smokey, Tar Tar, Othello, Dr. Lecter, Solo Cup, Banjo Boy, Static, Escalade, SS Minnow, Exit 54, Zin, Deadhead
FNGs: None
12 of Harrisburg’s best and brightest came out at 5:30 AM to get a little better and a little brighter. Here’s how it went:


Mosey to the Ticket Booth.
SSH x15
Windmills x12
Storm troopers x10
Disclaimer (better late than never)

Mosey to softball concession stand 
10 dips
10 step ups (each side)
10 incline ‘Mericans
Repeato x2, increasing reps by 10 each time

Mosey to the hill.
Partner up. Partner 1: quadraphelia up the hill, run back down while Partner 2 does ‘Mericans.  Switch. Repeat until pair pushes 100 ‘Mericans

Mosey back to the Ticket Booth for start of 4 corners
Corner 1: 10 ‘Mericans
Corner 2: 10 squats
Corner 3: 10 LBC’s
Corner 4: 10 mountain climbers
Repeato x2, increasing reps by 10 each time

Squirm x15
Freddie Mercurys x15
RBC’s x15


  • Good work this morning, gents. It started off cold and windy, and got colder and windier.
  • Shout out to Tar Tar. Every time I saw him he was killing it, putting in maximum effort.
  • Keep an eye out for UFO’s. Exit mentioned some strange lights in the sky he recently saw. Someone is watching…
  • We saw the normal pre-run crew but I guess they saw the work we were putting in and decided to call it a morning and get an early start on the coffee. I didn’t know who all was there so I didn’t include names above, but nice work as always.
  • Good to see Deadhead up and moving about. Hope the recovery is going well.
  • Prayers up for Solo Cup (unspecified prayer request), Marlor family (house fire) and Bass family (Kavita’s continuing fight with breast cancer).
  • Congrats to Smokey on the new grandchild!