Shamrock has hills too!

Eleven of Harrisburg’s HIMs on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 shook off the early morning cobwebs, got out of the sleepsack and ventured into the gloom to try to get a little better.  Right at 5:30 they grabbed their headlamps/blinky lights and headed out from town center towards Shamrock road for less steep hills than the other Wednesday this summer.  Below is the 4.5 mile route but there are different versions… shorter and longer… depending upon your preference:

The Thang

COT – Count off, Name-O-Rama, Announcements and Prayer

  • PAX: Othello, Clueless, Birdcage, Mad Dog, Smokey, Exit 54, FNG (Dustin), Zin, Papa John and Starsky
  • Q: SheepDog
  • Good luck to the BRR crew


Thanks, as usual, to this group who continue to motivate me despite my own laziness to get out of bed in the wee hours each week to start my day out on the right foot.  With my propensity to eat what I want and partake in the drink from time to time, this thing of ours has helped me keep things somewhat balanced.  F3 is truly a positive influence as I would definitely not do this on my own.  So thanks again to all of you for helping me be a better version of myself.