Uncharted Territory

9 other mighty men joined YHC in the crisp morning to see what new area we could conquer in the AO.  The MQ rolled in and planted the cool AO flag to signal he was ready to roll.  He had on several layers but YHC knew what was in store and that he’d regret that decision pretty quickly.  The rest of the PAX rolled in close to 0700 so off we went.  It went something like this……







Toy Soldier

Arm Circles



Head on over to Bonesaw North, which apparently was forbidden territory according to the MQ.  Heading from Old Statesville Rd to Everett Keith Rd on Hambright Rd there are 5 roads or planned roads.  The PAX did 1 rep of the following exercises at the first road: Body Builders, Jump Squats, and Heels to Heaven.  Then run to the next road and do 2 and then add 1 rep at each road.  When you get to the end of Hambright turn around and keep going back toward Old Statesville.  PAX should finish up with 10 reps of each exercise at the last stop.


Next was suicides.  Begin with 5 Parker Peters at the start then head to four different islands and do the following exercises and reps:

1st: 5 Diamond Merkins

2nd: 10 Hand Release Merkins

3rd: 15 CDD’s

4th: 20 Shoulder Taps(each side)

On the way out do the listed exercise at each island as you move onto the next island.


Partner-up.  Partner 1 runs the loop around the parking lot track while partner 2 does sets of 10 dips and step-ups until partner 1 gets back.  Then they switch off.  They did 3 rounds of this.



Box Cutters x 10


Count-off and Name-a-rama





–For new parent Spartan and soon to be Zoom



–Lots of chatter about going over to Bonesaw but no one stopped.  Think it’ll be a crowd favorite soon enough.

–It’s so motivating having so many Respects out there pushing and giving 100%.  It gives us all hope they we can maybe still be moving as well as all of them when we reach their age.

–Tclaps to Spartan for coming out even though his sleep and everything else has been thrown off by the new baby.

–I hope that the MQ will leave a Saturday open so others can sign up to Q.  It’s a great AO with lots of options.

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  1. Thick Burger

    Today’s workout was something else! The Bonesaw seemed like it would never end. Kojak brought the pain

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