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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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Murder bunnies come to The Railyard

  • When: 04/24/21
  • QIC: Kojak
  • The PAX: Tumbler, Mullet(R), Papa John, Wexler, Hootie, Talladega, Constitution, SS Minnow(R), Deadhead

The call was put out during the week for the PAX to bring a cinderblock to the beatdown.  Most heeded the call and The Railyard now has a total of 20 blocks to use for future beatdowns.  After some pre-ruckers and runners stuck around, the clock hit 0700 so off we went.  It went something like this…….



SSH x 12

Penny Pickers x 12

Mountain Climbers x 12

Hillbillies x 12

Low slow squats x 12

Toy Soldiers x 12

Arm circles

Merkins x 12



10 Murder Bunnies across the field and do 12 reps of the following 4 exercises: Low Dollys, Squats, Swings, and Presses.  Run back to the start and do 5 Manmakers.  Keep this up all the way down to 1 Murder Bunny.


Partner up and partner 1 will carry both blocks while partner 2 does 10 Hand Release Merkins.  Partner 2 catches up with partner 1 and they switch off with the blocks.  All the way down to the flagpole and back.



RBC’s x 24

Box cutters x 24

Freddy Mercurys x 24

Homer to Marge


Count-off and Name-a-Rama



–Harrisburg 5k May 15th.  Get signed up.

–Flipphone’s trail run May 1st.  Get with him for more details.





–TClaps to the pre-runners, strong group, and much thanks to JD, Tumbler, and Deadhead for joining me on the pre-ruck.

–Hootie did ALL of the reps(Not sure if that’s true but he wanted me to say that).  He did stick around even after seeing that we had blocks.

–Thanks to the PAX for playing along on YHC’s 48th and for putting up with all the weird rep counts, which would add up to 48 during the particular round they were done.

  • On April 24, 2021

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