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F3 MeCa | January 27, 2021

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Legs, core and cardio

| On 28, Nov 2020

  • When: 11/28/20
  • QIC: Dr. Lecter
  • The PAX: Exit 54, Hootie, SS Minnow, Gapper, Dr. Lecter

YHC saw Kojak’s post on Slack yesterday about needing a Q for the Railyard and decided there was no time like the present for his first Railyard Q. With a large group out running prepping for the Huntersville Half, YHC wasn’t sure how many would be there but 4 other HIM showed up for the fun. Here’s what they did.

Mosey down the stairs to the fields.


SSH x15 IC

Hillbilly x15 IC

Windmill x15 IC

The Thang

Red Barchetta

Start at one end of the soccer field, run to the other end, 100 SSH, run back.

Run to the far white line, 75 squats, run back.

Run to the blue line, 50 mountain climbers, run back.

Run to the near white line, 25 LBC, run back.

If you finish, go back for the six.

Four Corners Escalator

Start at one corner of the field, run to the next, 10 burpees, run to the next corner, 20 merkins, run to the next, 30 Apollo Ohnos, run to the next, 40 lunges each leg. When finished, reverse, with 40 lunges, 30 Apollo Ohnos, 20 merkins, 10 burpees.


Start on one sideline, 1 Bobby Hurley, run across, 20 WWII. Run back, 2 Bobby Hurleys, run across, 19 WWII, etc. We did this for a while and most Pax got to 5 Bobby Hurleys before YHC called an audible and cut it short.

William Wallace

One Pax went to the middle of the field while the other 4 went to separate corners. Pax in the middle did 15 plank jacks while the ones at the corners did squats. Pax in the middle then ran to one corner to take the place of the Pax there while he ran to the middle and did 15 plank jacks. Repeat-o until all Pax had a turn in the middle with plank jacks. Repeat-o with Pax in the middle doing 15 Carolina Dry Docks while the corners held a plank and repeat-o with 5 burpees in the middle while the corners did lunges.


Freddie Mercury x20 IC

Low Flutter x20 IC

Pretzel Crunch x20

LBC x20 IC

Squirm x20 IC


Moleskin and Announcements

  • Thanks for coming out on a soggy Saturday morning.
  • It wouldn’t be a Lecter Q without some rain. Fortunately it ended before the beatdown began. Unfortunately, I had us on the ground on the field quite a bit.
  • My arms and shoulders were still recovering from Gamma’s kettlebell workout yesterday, so I went heavy with the legs and core.
  • TClaps to Exit 54 for running and them coming to the beatdown.
  • Good to see Hootie out there. You would never know he’s got the knee of an 85 year old. Prayers for him as he recovers from the workout.
  • Minnow didn’t do any pre-running but since he put in 20 miles yesterday, he gets a pass. He looked as strong as ever.
  • Glad to have my trailblazing Millenium Race teammate Gapper post this morning.
  • Lots of mumblechatter about the school board meeting from earlier in the week. We agreed that the board members didn’t anticipate they would get so much visibility when they decided to run for the board.
  • F3 MECA Pop-Up Blood Drive is 12/11 at Prosperity Church. See @Wexler for details.
  • F3 Afton running challenge is 1/9
  • The Gremlin is scheduled for January 30.



  1. SS Minnow

    Great beat-down Dr. Lecter!

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