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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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  • When: 02/13/20
  • QIC: Chum
  • The PAX: Othello, Silas, Gopher, Toughskins, Drop Thrill, Uncle Fester (FNG), Chum

Some users to this BB site may have noticed some changes. For ought or for naught, YHC is responsible for maintaining said site’s security, operability, and appearance. It is a daunting task. The number of attempts to hack into this site is appalling. One struggles to understand what a hacker hopes to accomplish if they break into any F3 site. They’re likely to find a litany of mumblechatter and weird names. After quickly pilfering any such site of its lacking valuables, said hacker just might ask himself  “What is a monkey humper?”, and, “who does this?” Perhaps said hacker might even feel somewhat obligated to report his victim to the NWF, CDC, ASPCA, or WHO?

Alphabetical Agency of Choice: “Hello, what seems to be the emergency?”
Hacker: “I would like to report a case of cruelty to animals.”
Agent: “Okay, when did this occur?
Hacker: “I’m not sure. I think it was Monday.”
Agent: “You’re not sure? Was it an accidental event?
Hacker: “No, it looks like it was on purpose.”
Agent: “Do you know the perpetrator?”
Hacker: “No.”
Agent: “Do you know the victim?”
Hacker: “No.”
Agent: “Did you see it happen?”
Hacker: “No.”
Agent: “You don’t know the perp. You don’t know the victim. You didn’t see it happen. Okay, what details can you report?”
Hacker: “Only that it seems to happen a lot and often. It seems to happen in parks and open places in the early morning hours, and there is something about cadence…”
Agent: “Who are you? I didn’t get your name..”

At which point the hacker puts down his keyboard, logs out of his machine, and realizes that he just had an entire conversation with himself about something he knows nothing about.

IF said hacker would’ve just read on a little further he would have also seen that something else happened. Something equally as confusing and obfuscating as a Monkey Humping. This time the act happened inside some place called the ABC, with 7 perps and there were no monkeys anywhere to be found. But, something else more confusing, more confounding, more deliberate happened, and they called it Broga. No amount of words could help our peeping reader understand what this Broga event was. But it happened. He would have to show to know.

ION (In Other News)

  • TAPS for High Chair and his family as they deal with the passing of his father
  • Welcome FNG Uncle Fester to the pax!
  • Silas has the lead tomorrow.
  • Locations hosting political candidates are poor choices for having QSource Conversations. There is only so much air in a room and politicians are determined to use it all and not share.


  1. Othello

    Another masterpiece, great read Chum! You have the gift, AYE!

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