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F3 MeCa | October 30, 2020

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I know what you need …

  • When: 12/4/19
  • QIC: Flip Phone
  • The PAX: Gamma, Wexler, Dick Tracy, Solo Cup, Clueless, Sid Vicious

A swift kick in the ass.

Sometimes we need support to make it through difficult times.  There are some serious issues with depression, especially around the Holidays.  Be that support to someone, if you know or think they need it.

But sometimes we need a kick in the ass to get past our complacency.  How is @SSMinnow still getting faster?  How did @Cowpens and @Solocup lose large amounts of weight recently?  @SSMinnow got a coach to kick his ass.  @Cowpens and @Solocup decided enough was enough and kicked their own ass.  Plenty of other examples if you look around.  T-claps to the guys that are doing the 1600 calorie days.  That’s definitely kicking ass.

Iron does sharpen iron so it’s time to pick up your game.  No good excuses for most of us.  You can do more than you think.

7 men ran a few miles this morning and are better for it.  We ran down Shamrock and back.


A couple kids left on the Orphanage sign up sheet.  Check slack or ask YHC for details if you can help.

Gremlin scouting is this Saturday.  Talk to @Wexler for details.  The main event is January 18th.  Don’t miss it.

Harrisburg Christmas party coming Friday, January 10th.  More details coming soon.



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