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F3 MeCa | July 9, 2020

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On the first day of Christmas…

  • When: 12/02/19
  • QIC: SandBag
  • The PAX: Poutine, Ambassador, Buffalo Bill, Overdraft, Black Sheep, Hugo, ReTread, KleanUp, SandBag

On the first workout of December, YHC brought the PAX… the conveyor belt of pain.  8 high impact men joined me to kick off the holiday month right.  YHC showed up in green shorts and red shoes with an assortment of KBs for all of those looking to improve themselves this holiday season.



SSH IC x 12

CP IC x 12

WM IC x 12

Arm Circles IC x 12

Warmup with KB:

12 slingshots – 6 each direction

12 halos – 6 each direction

12 figure 8s – 6 each direction

The Thang:  Conveyor Belt of Pain

Timer does KB Farmer Carry with either (1) 53lb KB or (2) 35lb KBs to the last handicap space and back.

Pax started at one of 8 stations with a bell.  When the timer got back, everyone rotated.  We completed two rounds.   The exercises were:

1: KB Squats

2:  KB Curls

3:  KB Overhead Press

4:  KB Swings

5:  KB Lunges

6:  KB Lawn Mower Pulls

7:  KB Sumo Squats

8: KB High Pulls/calf raise

9: KB Swings

For the 2nd round, everyone manned up and donned the weighted rucksack while doing the timer farmer carries.

To give our grips a break, we snuck in 20 merkins and 30 LBCs.

Simple and Sinister –– 20 one arm swings (10 each arm) + 1 Turkish get-up.  Most PAX completed 4 rounds.


Todd Beamer x 12

Low Flutter x 12

Low Dolly x 12

LBC x 14 (KleanUp’s call)

Shoulder tap plank x 12

Mountain Climber x 12




  1. Gremlin on 1/18 – signups and shirt order are now open
  2. Poutine posted a Christmas workout challenge in the 1st-F slack channel (or claims to, I don’t see it yet).  Each day the challenge builds on the previous day.
  3. No one mentioned TimeLaps, but I will here.
  4. Remember MentalHealth Month.  Reach out to a brother and check-in if it has been a while.
  5. TGUs may be a bit too technical for 5:30am.  Might need to reconsider for future.
  6. It was inspiring to see Ambassador at 60 years old slogging 100lbs down the parking lot.  I hope to be as able when my time comes.

Always an honor to lead.



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