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F3 MeCa | July 9, 2020

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3 dogs and one of them real

  • When: 11/09/19
  • QIC: Hong Kong Phooey
  • The PAX: PAX: Exit 54, Metro dog, Hound dog, Wexler, and FNG-Coburn Hartwell

6 Men came out to brave the cold 29 degrees at the rail yard. It didn’t take long to get our temp up. We covered a lot of ground, and even pulled a FNG out of his front yard.
The workout went something like this…


SSH x15
Merkin x15
WM x10

Mosey to parking lot across from Phar Mill Brewery:
Incline merkins on curb x15
Jump squat x15

Mosey to church parking lot:
Merkins x15
WWII x20

Mosey to wall of accountant’s office:
2 minutes of people’s chair on the wall

Mosey down the hill to the 1st intersection where we picked up a friendly dog that joined our workout for a while.
Also did Carolina Dry Docks x15
Squats x15

Mosey to guide rail bottom of hill for 15x dips
Quadrafelia up the hill
Jump squats x15
lbc x15
Quadrafelia up the hill to stop sign (Met the FNG in his front yard)
LBC x15
CDD x15
Mosey to bottom and repeat replacing CDD with Burpee with great suggestion by Metro Dog

Another suggestion from Metro dog (Hill Sprints)
Sprint up the hill
Jump squats x15
lbc x15
Quadrafelia up the hill to stop sign
LBC x15
CDD x15

Mosey to farmers market field:
Decline Merkins x15
Step ups x25
Run lap around pond
WWII x15

Mosey to Church parking lot

Indian run Back to mary with merkin off the back.

LBC x20
Pretzel stick x15, Low dolly x15, Low flutter x15
The W x15, In and outs from Exit 54 x15


Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Hope your back is feelin better flip phone…
– Strong work from all out there
– Metro Dog with some strong suggestions to add to the work out.
– Welcome out FNG Coburn. It was good to have you join us…

– Bradford Park Turkey trot and Sant Scramble on 11/23. Exit 54 is doing both, because he is a REAL man!
– Flip Phone and Kojack have details on Orphanage X-Mas


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