Deer Dodging Reverse Bird Run

5 Dawgs (4 runners and 1 rucker) showed on this fine Thursday morning to rack up some miles and get a little stronger.  Weather was warm this am and the skies were clear.  As we headed out YHC asked if there were any special requests.  None were proposed, so reverse bird run it was.  Along the tail region of the bird YHC mentioned to Cupid that we had seen 10+ deer one morning over the winter.  A few minutes later the pax saw several deer darting across our path and heading for the woods.  Good thing they got out of dodge before Sausage came along.  YHC remembers how excited he was months back about what he wanted “to do” to them.  Great run and company this morning.

  • Special guest star appearance by Cupid this am.  Looking strong as always!
  • Yellowcake out for his 3rd cruise of the week.  BRR and Charlotte Marathon…. here you come!.
  • Booter (aka Tony Hawk) once again got strapped up and ignored a separated shoulder and knocked out over 5 miles just like the doctor told him to.
  • Sausage appeared in the gloom with his ruck sack and seemed to be all sobered up from HH.  He also showed some smarts by avoiding Spauldini’s wild man crew and got in some strong rucking miles around the kennel.

Way to push guys.  #ironsharpensiron



  • Prayers for safe travels for all those on the road for Spring Break.
  • Prayers for Booter “Tony Hawk” on the shoulder recovery
  • Prayers for Yellowcake’s family and his youngest daughter.
  • Prayers for Pharaohs knee and a quick recovery
  • All unspoken prayers