Warrior One, then Two, then Three

One then two, then eventually three of Harrisburg’s broga warriors chose the smartest workout of the week. The focus was on leg muscles and hamstring stretches. Here’s how it went:


Front kicks x20

Alternating butt kickers x20

High knees x20

Arm circles

Neck stretches

The Thang:

Go to Mountain Pose (deep breathing – 5 x)

Raised Hands  Sunrise Poise (deep breathing – 5x)

Raise Hands to Forward Fold  (Hand to Foot Pose – 5x)

Slow Inchworm to Upwards Dog (8x)

Towels — Table Pose

Cat and Cow

Spinal balance x5

Spinal taps  x5

Child’s Pose to the Left and to the Right

Ball with Knee Hugs

Hamstring stretches to Butterfly medley

Eye of the Needle progression


COT w/ Road Warrior


  1. Great mix of stretches and Spartan Sprint #mumblechatter
  2. Tclaps to @Clueless for the pre-workout run
  3. Tclaps to @SheepDog (newly shorn!) for the daily double of running and stretching this morning
  4. KingTiger Code and a Speed For Need Event.  Reach out to @Exit54 for the details
  5. Workday coming up at the Old Post Office  See @Wexler for more information
  6. Keep stretching to expand your reach! Always and honor to lead!