YHC was contemplating his beatdown choices last night and started combing the exicon for ideas.  While beginning to scroll the 687 entries currently listed, the idea of leading a BD with only exercises starting with one letter started to sprout.  Since the letter B happened to be on the screen, the B it was.  While generating a list, it was noted that there were a few musical exercises that looked delightful.  Added.  Then…since the music was already playing a few times, why not have it playing for the full duration…maybe with songs by an artist whose name starts with the letter B?  Well, this became an easy choice, because when you think musical greatness AND the letter B, there is only one logical choice…Bryan Adams.  YHC generated an expert playlist and arrived with his bluetooth speaker attached to his cool fannypack/belt and watched the pax roll in.   Disclaimer given and off on a mosey to the larger lot to a BA classic “Summer of 69”


  • Bone the Fish:  Side shuffle & Carioca up and down the “bones” parking lot lines to the other side
  • BOPO – Burpee, One-legged Burpee, Plank Jack, One-legged Burpee (other leg)
  • Bolt 45s – The leg cousin to Colt 45s.  Squat to half way 15 IC, Squat half way to bottom 15 IC, Full Squat 15 IC
  • BOPO
  • Bat Wings – Little arm circles forward, backward, seal claps & overhead claps

At this point, another BA classic “Somebody” has finished…

The Thang:

Now it is time for our first musical exercise of the day “Bearway to Heaven.”  We bear crawl two parking spots, do 7 burpees, bear crawl back.  Then bear crawl 4 spaces, do 6 burpees, bear crawl back.  Keep going in this progression until finished or Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin is finished.  It is a fairly rough 8 minutes…


We mosey to the basketball courts for Bridge of Hate.  The opposite of the Tunnel of Love.  All pax on their backs shoulder to shoulder as we pass each pax down the line in a crowdsurfing type of move.  Bonding was had by all, but more importantly, more BA.

We mosey and grab some blocks.  Time for Jack Webb’s evil uncle Block Webbs!  YHC started with 7 reps in cadence of OH presses (from your knees) and incline block merkins and quickly modified down on the rep total because as the saying goes…if you can’t Q it…  Even BA performing a classic “Cuts Like a Knife” couldn’t pull YHC through all the reps.

We return the blocks and head back to the B-ball courts for our other musical exercise performed to “Bodies” by Drowning Pool.  Merkins performed each time “bodies hit the floor” is said and plank held for duration otherwise.  I think it is around this point Sugar mentions something about Gump not being a fan of themed beatdowns.  Since Gump ain’t here and most present wouldn’t know him if we walked onto the B-Ball courts with us that very moment, it feels more passive aggressive than anything else:)

We then quickly knock out 5 sets of Bobby Hurley Suicides from free throw line to free throw line while some BA and Tina Turner helps us with our jump shots.

We then mosey to the entrance of the greenway right at the street for some Big Sexy.  A medley of Monkey Humpers, Pickle Pokers and Pickle Pounders.  Unfortunately, traffic was light with only a few cars.  YHC was happy to get these in nonetheless as it was looking doubtful the night before as his 2.0 Goldbond wanted to attend the beatdown and this maybe, just maybe, wouldn’t be appropriate for a 9 year old.  Alas, he fartsacked.  So his fartsack is everybody else’s win.  Oh, and speaking of wins, we are now in the Ballad portion of the BA catalogue with “Heaven,”

We are about out of time, but still a little left for some Mary.  We mosey back to the lot to Whatley’s wall (may he RIP) where we sit on the wall with our legs ON the hill for…

  • Big Os – Make O with legs in cadence
  • Boat/Canoe – Boat position is legs bent close towards body, Canoe is legs extended.  Pretty much static holds on the Crunchy Frog postions
  • Box Cutter
  • Bay City Scissors – We turn around and hang legs off edge of sidewalk and perform 8 count sequence of what are effectively suspended low flutters then scissor movement (lateral,) this exercise goes super smoothly, especially QIC’s cadence…

All while enjoying more Ballad greatness from BA…

0615 Recover, recover

COT: Prayers for Sugar’s cousin Carla who broke her hip – treatment & healing.  Continued prayers for my Dad and MC’s family dealing with loss.  RS Happy Hour is Thursday at JB’s at 7:30pm-ish.


  • I know what you’re thinking…how awesome is it to have this amazing playlist built into a BB for listening/viewing pleasure whenever you like?  Answer: pretty darn awesome.  Go ahead and bookmark this Bad Boy.
  • Solid work today by the fellas…and also putting up with all the shenanigans
  • Great to have Stitches out!  He has to work too early to post, but dropped by on a day off.  He is a Spartan stud and was leading the way this morning.  Well done!!
  • Nice job by KW fighting through blisters to come on out on this brisk morning
  • I made jokes about Life Alert always being late.  This is incorrect, as he arrives in plenty of time now.  He just leaves early.  #tradeoff
  • I’m thinking I may have decided on the letter B as it will be my Birthday next week and I kind of forgot that this is something of my Bday Q as I will be gone for Spring Break next week.
  • Time did not permit some “Bring Sally Up” or “Best of You” musical beatdowns, maybe some other time.
  • Next month I may have to start looking at the exicon for the letter C.  I am sure there is plenty of gold to mine there.  #celinedion





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