Virginia Won Did Anyone Watch the Game

8 Men Came out for a Soggy Bottom Beat Down on a warm April Morn.  It went like this:

The Thang:

Warm up:


Windmil lX 10

IST X 10

Mountain Climbers X10

All in Cadence


Mosey to  Parking lot near Gate to Practice Field

Three Man Relays

One Man at each of three stations, first station n

Here, second station halfway to the bull, third at drop off circle.  Three rounds, first stations sprints to second and tags second man and second sprints to third and third man back to first.  Exercises when like this:

Round 1

Station 1 15 merkins

Station 2 Reverse Crunch

Station3  Squats


Round 2

Station1 15 diamond merkins

Station 2 V Ups

Station 3 Step Back Lungs


Round 3

Station 1 15 Shoulder tap Merkins

Station 2 WW 2 Sit Ups

Station 3 Sprint around Drop off Circle


Mosey to Hill for 11’s Ladder of 1 burpee at bottom, 10 mountain climbers at the top, and work the ladder.

Bear Crawl to mary

Peoples Mary


20 LBC in cadence

25 Low Dolly in cadence

Homer to Marge


Again always a pleasure to lead this group.  Pretty uneventful morning, no complaining so I guess the workout wasn’t hard enough.  I’ll try to do better Thursday, yes I have the Q again.


Harrisburg 5 k this Saturday, Railyard at Town Center at 7 Exit 54 will Q a light leg workout.

Be on Look out for Grinder this Saturday

Time Lapse needs one more

DT is putting together a F3 night at Intimidators in July be on lookout

Prayer Request

Tbone’s Neighbor  Stan Frick fell out of Tree, he’s prettybeat up,