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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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  • When: 03/05/19
  • QIC: Head n Shoulders
  • The PAX: Man Bun, Othello, Big League Chew, Head n Shoulders, Chum, Tough Skins and Blue Crush

YHC rolled up at “0 dark 30” to see a couple of familiar but “not on run day” faces. There standing in the gloom the usual suspects (Othello, Chum, Crush and Tough Skins) and two new faces, Man Bun and Big League Chew had joined the gloom to post a run. It was already decided that Chum and Crush were going to get in a ruck and the rest were going to get in some miles. The routes were discussed and both set off for some early morning activity. The run route was going to follow the usual route out on to Hwy.51 and up the hill and then left on to Hwy,218. The group headed towards the park looking to hit the 1.5-mile mark to then turn around and repeat route back to the HT parking lot to drop the group running 3.0 miles. After the quick “see ya later” the remaining of the group headed back to Hwy.51 for some additional miles to finish just under 6.0 miles.


  • it was great to have new faces in the group today, Man Bun and Big League Chew
  • it has been decided that Big League Chew has been snowballing the running group – great job being out front and setting the pace
  • it is a blessing to have a group to keep you accountable and that encourages you to be your best.


Head N Shoulders


  1. Othello

    Great Q brother, the conversation always makes the mileage go faster!!

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