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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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2019 February Food Pantry Challenge

  • When: 3/4/2019
  • QIC: Solo Cup
  • The PAX: The Dawghouse and Harrisburg Pax

I’m writing this BackBlast under duress.   Frankly, I feel it takes away from the 3rd F if you talk too much about it.

The DawgHouse and Harrisburg Pax recently completed the “epic” first annual February Food Pantry Challenge.  For those that don’t know, we collected over three tons of food (6,000 lbs) in February for the Harrisburg Crisis Assistance Ministry. Additionally, we consolidated the Food Pantry from a lot of little rooms in several churches into a brand new significantly larger space at Rocky River Presbyterian.

The Need

February has notoriously been one of the Food Pantry’s slowest months for donations.  This, combined with the effects of the Government Shutdown (i.e. the early issuance of Government subsidies) put a tremendous burden on their resources.

The Result

We absolutely overwhelmed them to the point they actually asked us to slow down on the giving (twice!). Last Wednesday, @Oz and I even told them to suck it up because we’ve got more coming!

In this highly competitive contest, the Good Guys (Harrisburg) narrowly lost to the Dawgs by 91 lbs.   The loser must now lead a week’s worth of workouts for the winner, which we will do in April.

Join me in congratulating the Dawgs on their amazing win!

Not much else to it.   Frankly, I would like to say that we had completely altruistic motives, feeding the hungry and what not, but in reality, God presented us an opportunity in highly competitive HIMs and an idea for how to take advantage of it.  Neither team wanted to lose to the other and the Food Pantry ultimately won!

God doesn’t necessarily work in mysterious ways after all, you just need to be listening when you’re called to act.

The Point

Which brings me to the point of this BackBlast. What does 3rd F mean to you?

Looking over the Slack Channel, I see a lot of Thoughts and Prayers. There is even the “hands praying” icon next to each request with a ton of numbers beside it!  That’s great!  God listens to your prayers and it’s wonderful you are thinking about people in need. The community of prayer is one of the best parts about F3.

Without discounting the power of prayer, I will contend there is more to this 3rd F stuff than that.  We  are  set aside as men of action in F3.  Leaders meant to do great things in our community.

How do you answer the following questions?

  • What are you doing with this amazing resource God has put in your life?
  • Where do you see a need in the area surrounding your AO?
  • Does your Church/Civic group have a mission that can use highly organized and fit men to support it?
  • Is there a little voice in the back of your head saying “I should get the F3 guys to help there.”

Guess what, you’re being called to ACT!

I’ve said the following to the Harrisburg PAX and I know that @Wexler is pushing this message across MECA.

It’s time to expand the scope of the 3rd F “Missional” focus of your AO in your community.  If you are part of any nonprofit/religious committee or board, do not be afraid to commit F3’s time, talent, or resources to support your group’s efforts.

The ultimate vision would be that whenever a member of your Pax joins a board/committee in the community, that group will instantly realize the value of working with F3. These organizations can benefit from everything we bring to the table, whether it be: help with manual labor, organization, professional services, mentoring youth, raising money, or just getting the word out.  We’ve got a plethora of talents that can be utilized by more than just ourselves and it’s time to share them.

You will of course need to run the request through your Master Q and @Wexler before you offer to make sure it aligns with the F3 values as well as to confirm there isn’t a conflict with something else the group is working on.


Become the men of action you were meant to be!

Keep pushing,




  1. SoloCup

    Thanks for the opportunity to lead on this very important cause

  2. Heatstroke

    Awesome challenge and even better message @solocup! Guilty as charged in regards to the “duress.” I think the region can benefit from being exposed to this. Thanks to you and the great work from #f3harrisburg and #f3dawghouse!!

  3. kilowatt

    Inspiring work and congrats on being this week’s “Back Blast of the Week”

  4. SoloCup

    Looking forward to the Certificate as well as the meat and cheese platter

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