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F3 MeCa | September 23, 2019

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No achy breaky hearts here

  • When: 2/14/2019
  • QIC: Kojak
  • The PAX: DT, Posh(R), HKP(R), Gamma, Bull, Flipphone, Practice(R), Clueless, Teen Spirit, Wexler, TarTar, Dr Lecter, Sheepdog

14 mighty dudes beat the fartsack to get all swole for their sweeties on this special day of love.  The weather was clear and crisp so it went down like this…………………



Windmill x 14

SSH x 14

IST x 14

10 mountain climbers between each



Count off and get into teams of 3.  1st partner runs the specified loop, 2nd partner bear crawls, and 3rd partner crab walks.  When 1st gets done he replaces 3rd and 3rd replaces 2nd who then runs the loop.  We continued until the 6 got to the far end of the lot.

2nd round was the same as above but lunge walk replaced bear crawls and burpee broad jumps replaced crab walks.  The loop also shortened to half of the lot.  We continued until all the teams made it around one loop.


The Heart:  Start at first island and lunge walk to next island.  Do two burpees and backwards run to next island and do 4 burpees.  Backwards run to next island and do 6 burpees.  Lunge walk back to start and do 8 burpees.  Continue the pattern and increase by 2 burpees at each island.  The pattern was in the shape of a heart.



Low flutters x 14

Low dolly x 14


Count-off and name-a-rama





–Guinness’ family after the loss of his niece

–Clueless’ co-worker’s family member that recently was diagnosed with cancer



–Time laps in May.  Get up with T-Bone to HC

–Game day at the Orphanage March 23rd.  Flipphone will get out details

–Be on the lookout for detail from Wexler about adopt-a-park coming up soon.



–Great to have some company out on the pre-ruck.  A new member was welcomed.

–The partner thing was part of a workout from our ol buddy UCB.

–Saw lots of push out there today that for one kept me motivated.

–Lots of mumblechatter from all of Billy Ray Cyrus’ hit songs to Wexler’s mouth to mouth skills.  Great times!!!!

–Go make it a great day for someone else!!!!

  • On February 14, 2019

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