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F3 MeCa | August 18, 2019

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Baker’s Dozen – wait, here comes one more – for a Dawg House Cruise

  • When: 02/05/19
  • QIC: Talladega
  • The PAX: Tater, Booter, Bullseye, Sausage, Dr. Seuss, Hop Hunter, Rerun, Habs, 4-wide, Yellowcake, Submarine, Hokey Pokey, Mayhem

5:30 on the clock, ready to roll out when one more PAX (Bullseye) came in on two wheels to join the fun.  That made an even 14 men who were able to get out of the house to enjoy some awesome February weather (like 45deg or something?).  Instead of the normal bird run through the neighborhood, we found a loop, partnered up, and started running.  P1 runs CW while P2 runs CCW.  When you meet on the loop, turnaround and head back to the start.  P1 and P2 switch directions at the start so that both get the joy of whatever terrain the loop has to offer- no one gets cheated!  Habs said it felt like he was going to school again, having to go uphill both ways.  For once this is a true statement!

Good push by all as usual.  This loop stuff allows us to stay together somewhat but you can go as hard as you want for as long as you want.  With 10 minutes left on the clock, we headed back to the school and just so no one complained that we didn’t get in a full 45 minutes, one lap around the parking lot.

Somehow someway I believe we all got between 4 and 6 miles today.  And most importantly, we finished with the same 14 that we started with- no man left behind!


  • Praise that 4-wide was able to survive the Super Bowl experience (YHC can finally say I know someone who has gone to the SB)
  • Prayers for Bullseye and M (Sharee) who are about 3 weeks away from another 2.0
  • Prayers for Guinness who will be traveling for his niece’s funeral
  • Continue to bring food donations for the Food Pantry through the end of February.  The Dawghouse was ahead by almost 500lbs this past weekend but I expect the Harrisboogers will be catching up (trying to).  In the end, Pantry wins and that’s what counts.  In the spirit of fellowship, we welcome any Harrisbooger PAX member to visit the Dawghouse before March to get an idea of how you want to lead our workouts for that week.
  • Check Slack for details on the Food Pantry moving party this Friday and Saturday.  Many hands make light work!
  • Q Source Grinder this Saturday at Rocky River Coffee in Harrisburg, 8:30a

Hear ye, hear ye!  The man formerly known as Spud shall now be known as Tater.  No need to create confusion with the Concord Spud and thanks Noe for being a good sport.  Plus, Tater is a lot easier to spell and say every time than another suggestion- Mr. Potato Head.

COT/Pray it out- AMEN!


Moleskin- guys, I don’t mean to get long winded and repeat all my confessions from this morning’s COT but here are a few points.  In light of this past weekend’s ordeal for the LKN PAX Schneider, let’s remember to be vigilant for the guys around us, even more so for the guys we just see in passing or haven’t seen in awhile.  Just like in our cruise today, no man left behind.  I’ve been in F3 now for 2 years and I originally joined for two reasons- 1 so my friends would leave me alone about trying it out and 2 to get in better shape since I was becoming stagnant.  Little did I know how important F3 would be for my mental health as well.  This time last year I was really struggling with stuff- be it anxiety, stress, depression- and I didn’t know how to fix it.  As men, that’s what we do, fix things.  However, I got to the point where I needed to stop being proud and seek help.  Through talking with several friends- and Hop Hunter was good for a chat any day we ran- and my doctor I think I’ve gotten better but it is still a battle.  I never understood how people could suffer mentally through life because I was ignorant.  When you do though, it is an eye opener.  Short and sweet here’s my point- don’t be too proud to ask for help.  I don’t say this to draw attention to myself because I don’t want it.  BUT I do say it to be transparent.  No matter how well you think the next guy has everything in check, chances are he has struggles too.  You may be the guy who needs to mentor someone else or you may be the guy who needs the help.  Either way, do it!  Prov 27:17, practice it.




  1. Talladega

    Honor to lead, you guys just keep making me want to push forward.

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