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F3 MeCa | December 11, 2019

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Stairway Speed

  • When: 02/01/19
  • QIC: Pavarotti
  • The PAX: Pavarotti, Poutine (WD), Hugo, Kleanup, Pony Boy, Barrister (WB)

2 Speedsters and 4 Ruckers laced them up to start the weekend off the right way.

The Thang:
=>Ruckers venture off somewhere and the Speedsters do warm up mosey behind school, then down Shelley and to the golf course lot

Golf Lot Island Sprints

  • Start near bottom of lot
  • On go, run up sidewalk to first island, go around it with exercise, run to next island, go around it with exercise, run to end, and then repeato back to start
  • Exercises around the islands were defensive slide, backwards run, karaoke, Stoli skips, bounding

=>Mosey to golf cart garage

Stairway to Heaven

  • Start at bottom of the stairs, run up stairs, across sidewalk and back around to cart garage. Repeato x5
  • Multiple rounds doing 1 step each, 2 steps each, bunny hop 1 step and bunny hop 2 step

Another round of Island Sprints running forward and up the steps

=>Mosey back to HCE

Find Ruckers


Pray (thx, Hugo!)



  1. It was cold, but it forced us to keep moving.
  2. It was great to be back using the stairs. @Poutine – thx for showing up and rolling with it! There was some good second F too.
  3. We did some Stoli skips, but no Stoli in sight….again.
  4. Regular MCP workout tomorrow.
  5. Check out the Latini Memorial 8K:
  6. Finally, we are only on this moving sphere we call Earth for a short period of time. Make the most of it and hug your kids every chance you get.




  1. Speedsters – well done. Keep it going. I forecast that when the temps rise, so will the numbers. Hopefully @Disaster’s accountant’s convention is just once a year so we do not miss him in the gloom again this year.

    I am scheduled for my next speed Feb 22 which I will Q.

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