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F3 MeCa | August 17, 2019

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Cold Cruise to the Jacob Crossing Climb

  • When: 1/31/2019
  • QIC: Hop Hunter
  • The PAX: Talladega, Rerun, 4-Wide, Habs, Torch, Beetlejuice, Dr. Seuss, Mayhem, Buck, Yellowcake, Hop Hunter

11 Dawgs showed in the cold Thursday morning gloom for the last Dawg House cruise of the week. YHC had hoped but for a few more Dawgs, but the power of the fartsack is strong when its 20 degrees outside.  Eleven is still an awesome number and those that showed put in strong work especially for the conditions.  Since Tuesday was the Bird Run, it seemed like a good day to introduce a few of the newer cruisers to the apartments… especially the hill at the Overlook (also known on Stava as “Jacob Crossing climb”).  The pax maneuvered thru the hood out and thru the apartments,  finally reaching the hill in time for a couple quick trips up and down.

Lots of effort and great support displayed by the pax today…

  • Talladega showed why is the MQ… made sure all the Dawgs were cared for and got back safe. #HIM
  • Habs was feeling it so much this am that he had his new fancy vest light changing colors.  #canthidemoney
  • Yellowcake rolls out, puts his head down and always takes care of business.  #Steadyeddie
  • Rerun helped set the pace as always.  #noquit
  • Mayhem is like ninja on the cruise.  He keeps chugging and pops out of no where when you can’t see him coming.  #marathonbound
  • Dr. Seuss let it be known he was feeling extra spring in his step today and proved it by jumping out front for a bit.  #shortlegsrule
  • Beetlejuice took the red pill and joined the cruisers again.  Great job… #everyTuesdayandThursday
  • Happy to see that Torch found his running shoes this week.  Put in another strong effort today. #captainamerica
  • 4-Wide went after the Jacob Crossing climb like his pants were on fire #mrcrown
  • Buck knocked out his 2nd strong cruise of the week.  It’s been great seeing you cruising.  #beenplayingpossum


Strong work men!  #ironsharpensiron




  • Praise for Hop Hunters Father-in-law… home from hospital
  • Prayers for the Guinness’ Family regarding loss of his niece
  • Prayers for Hokey Pokie’s mom and her recovery.
  • All unspoken prayers




Hop Hunter

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