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F3 MeCa | August 17, 2019

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The “We Miss Uecker” Sharknado – 20 Men Strong!

  • When: 01/30/19
  • The PAX: Habs, Buck, Spauldini, Motown (from Boondocks), Bullseye, Pharaoh, Cupid, Talladega, Berlin, Spud (FNG-Noel), Submarine, Napper (FNG-Yen), Sausage, Bunion, Beetlejuice, Turbine, Torch, WiFi (FNG-Nick my Son!), Airsoft, DIAL-UP!

YHC, has been on the Leadership Q sideline for quite some time … taking advantage of my “FREE” workouts. Then Suddenly out of the Blue …. I get hustled & called out to Q a workout by a Dawg that we call “Uecker”. Then it dawned on YHC, I can’t let this Monkey Humpin’ loving – scared of an 11 year old guy Bully me …. Oooooo No Brother. So I swiftly went to the SuG and signed my name on the dotted line!!! I went to proudly beat my man chest on Slack and then to my Surprise … The Uecker laughs at yours truly and says “Have Fun on your Q … I’ll be on a Cruise!!” :-< … At last, I was tricked by the infamous Half-Squatter. However, going back to my above mention of the “FREE” workout, we all lose sight of the real training of F3 is more than a FREE workout, it’s about learning to become a Leader from within your Community so you too, can be the influence of change among men even when you think you are the furthermost thing from being a Leader especially in Exercise but we ALL have something that we can bring to the table, Aye?!

So with a little streak of Evil, I wanted the Dawgs to feel my Pain for Uecker’s “Bait & Switch” & behold I shall bring the Dawgs their most favorite workout ever…. THE SHARKNADO!!! At least they can possibly rib & ridicule him good on Slack for my torture while he is enjoying his Fruity Drinks & Tropical Weather.     Hehehehehe  <Villain Bad Guy Laugh>

So, here we are – assembled & ready, Disclaimer given & off we go…..



Monkey Humpers x10 … just for you Uecker
Uecker Squats x10
SSH x10
IST x10
Windmill x10
… All in cadence
Merkin x10 OYO

Ending with Arm Circles


The Thang
Mosey to the corner of the parking lot and here’s what went down….

  • 15 Burpees OYO
    • Run 0.25 Mile lap around parking lot
  • 20 Merkins OYO
    • Run 0.25 Mile lap around parking lot
  • 20 WW2 Situps OYO
    • Run 0.25 Mile lap around parking lot
  • 20 Squats OYO
    • Run 0.25 Mile lap around parking lot
  • 20 Carolina Dry Docks OYO
    • Run 0.25 Mile lap around parking lot

Rinse and Repeat for until time is called.  5 cycles equals 75 burpees, 100 Merkins, 100 WW2 Situps, 100 Squats, 100 CDDs and of course Running!

SPRINT TO MARY … A Dial-up Tradition  😉 


Low Flutter x10
Dying Cockaroach x10
Bicycle x15
Abs with Habs




1. Healthy Eating Challenge – Not Too Late to Join!! 
2. MeCa Hump Day Happy Hour @ 26 Acres next Wed
3. Torch’s Burpees for Baldness: St. Baldricks Childhood Cancer Fundrasier
4. Harrisburg vs Dawghouse Challenge Going on Now … Donate Food = Everyone Wins
5. Q-Source Grinder: THIS SATURDAY at Rocky River Coffee in Harrisburg
6. We Need more Spartan Race Runners representing the Dawghouse – Great Fellowship & Fun
7. Motown, our visitor from The Boondocks today, invited us to his Q tomorrow at the Boondocks – JH GUNN Elementary – CLICK ME for Directions 



2 Chronicles 15:7 (NIV)

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”


Naked Moleskine

Thank you for humbling me as your Leader today and while I wish I could have done every single rep that most of you did, know that I gave it all. I am striving hard to be a better man, through great mentorship, I am finding my Rhythm again: Spiritually, Mentally & Physically! Surrounding myself with you guys only makes me a better man and that my friend is PRICELESS!!! Uecker … I hope you know that I actually appreciate the Push to Lead today, regardless of you not being here – I was way overdue to Pay it Forward for my free workouts that I take advantage of.

Guys, it stems from a Fear of not feeling “Qualified” or “Good Enough” to lead you fine fellas but I do understand that is BS over-thinking on my part. It doesn’t matter …. we all have something to bring to the Table and that’s why Iron Sharpens Iron, Compadres!!

I know today’s workout sucked in Originality but it was a Last Minute change with the recent rain. I owe you guys a Good Farmers Walk in the Near Future. 😉

Lastly, I am just amazed at how many guys that are crawling out of the warm fartsack – to come out here in the frozen mornings. I am proud of you guys – thank you for showing up & putting The Dawghouse on the Map with our continued Dedication!

Lastly, I am so sorry for not taking Prayer Requests, if there was any … my bad gang – I will pray for any unspokens today and I will work better on my time management at the end.

God Bless & Be Well!!

DIAL-UP!!!…. Out!    <Mic Drop>



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