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F3 MeCa | July 9, 2020

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Not scared of a little cold

  • When: 01/30/19
  • QIC: Flip Phone
  • The PAX: SS Minnow, Strapless, Ito, Dr Lecter, Gamma

6 men made the right choice this morning.  Life’s all about choices.  9 of us (3 were at Broga) started the day on the right foot.  It’s all downhill from here … “Win the morning, win the day”!

The route was simple, but the effort and the commitment to get out in the cold were not.  The route went like this:

  • Right on Roberta
  • Left on Rocky River Crossing
  • Turn around at the end at Morehead
  • Right on Creekview Ct to dead end and back
  • Right on Roberta back to base


Operation Food Pantry is in full effect.  Please help for a good cause … and for YHC to not get humiliated while Q’ing a Dawg House workout. #dontleavemehanging

Adopt-A-Park will be coming up again in February.  Spreading mulch from about 7-11 on a weekday.  @Wexler will have details soon

Lots of events coming up.  Choose 1 and make yourself better.  Heard a wise reminder recently that there are 3 Fs in F3.  You’re seriously short-changing yourself if you’re only doing the 1st one.  (1stF – Fitness, 2nd F – Fellowship, 3rd F – Faith, reference for the newbies)


Thanks for coming out in the cold guys.  The pace was perfect.

Everyone got what they needed.  Fast guys went fast-ish (I know they go much faster than that) and the rest of us got what we needed for today.

T-claps to @Ito and @DrLecter out for their first #roadwarrior.  Don’t be strangers to it!  If you can run in 22 degree weather, it will be that much easier when its 40s.  See you next week!



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