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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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Koldplay and Kettlebells

  • When: 01/14/19
  • QIC: Ace Ventura
  • The PAX: Avalanche, Buckwheat, Easy Rider, Jackpot, Forgotten Jelly, Hammer, Oboe, Robin's Nest

9 PAX met on this chilly morning hovering at a balmy 34 degrees. YHCs sinuses have been thrashed with kold + low humidity (higher humidity is the ONLY thing I miss about Western New York in the Winter…and the food!), but with a forecast of 90% humidity, it was time to get out there. To celebrate, the PAX were met with some tunes from Koldplay to keep it punny. Oboe showed some dance moves making Travolta jealous. Avalanche, Buckwheat and Forgotten Jelly decided to use megakettles. I think Jackpot said he was coming back out for good! Good to see Easy Rider back from his European tour. Hammer incorporated a little Skedaddle with his Liberty Skemettle. Robin’s Nest seemed moderately amused throughout (I think he needs a pood and a half gorilla KB!!! See link). After a quick disclaimer it went down something like this:

Up Straddle Hops (SSH bouncing on one leg) X 12 each leg
Windmills X 12
Monkey Humpers X 12
Bat Wings X 12 (Fwd, Reverse, Seal Clap, Overhead Clap)
Bring in the Bells
Around the World X 12 each direction (orbit bell around the hips)
Figure Eights X 12 each direction (squat, bell in-out-around between the legs)
Halos X 12 each direction (bell at face, around the head)

The Thang
6 core exercises with a 7th ‘breather’ ladder
Kettlebell Swing X 12
Two-Handed Row X 12
Arm Curls X 12 each arm
Two-Handed Row X 11
Goblet Squats X 12
Two-Handed Row X 10
Goblet Squat Curls X 12 (curl at down position)
Two-Handed Row X 9
Wood Chopper Lunge X 12 each side (bell on right shoulder, lunge with left foot forward, flapjack)
Two-Handed Row X 8
Kurpees X 12
Two-Handed Row X 7 (back to top, continue Bent-Over Row Countdown to 1)

Repeato on the 6 core exercises only

Reverse Crunch, Kettlebell Held High X 15
WWII, Kettlebell at chest X 15
Mason Twist, Kettlebell at chest X 15


– Gremlin this Saturday morning. Join if you can either to workout or help out with food / beverage / first aid.
– Comanche rejuvenation party Saturday evening. See sign-up on slack Comanche channel.
– Tomorrow Comanche is CLOSED and all will participate at HIGHLANDS with Sully giving an anniversary workout honoring the Miracle on the Hudson.

Ace Ventura

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