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F3 MeCa | July 20, 2019

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3 sided box?

  • When: 01/09/19
  • QIC: Flip Phone
  • The PAX: Clueless, SS Minnow, Fig, Banjo Boy, Scooter

6 men did a Tempo run through the Burg this morning.  There were only 5 of us to start … or so we thought.  One showed up a couple minutes late and followed us without any lights or reflective gear … total stealth mode.

The plan was 1 mile easy, 3-4 miles fast, then one mile easy back to base.

We went down Parallel to Patricia.  Right on Patricia up to Ridge.  Intersection of Ridge and Patricia was about the 1 mile mark and the start of the fast run.  Run around Patricia, left on Morehead, then left on Ridge again to the starting point.  That’s the 3-sided box.

@Scooter knew loops should have 4 turns, not 3 … so was wondering how this is going to work.  Just trust me, this will be the best 3-sided box you’ve ever run.

The route felt like it was up-hill-both-ways for sure.  Patricia was up-hill and the first quarter of Ridge was also up-hill. Then Ridge slopes downhill back to the start. 70% of the route felt up-hill with a gift of down-hill at the end.

We all got in what we needed.  Not much mumblechatter going on while trying to run fast, but we hung together well, overall.


Glad to have @Clueless with us at the run this morning.  These kinds of runs definitely suck, but can quickly make you a faster runner.

@Scooter and @SSMinnow killed it this morning, as expected.  That loop was just over a mile and YHC wondered if @Scooter was going to lap him in the short time we were there.  It didn’t happen, but a few more loops worth of time and it definitely would have.

@Fig came back out with a vengeance.  YHC thought he was going to keep up with @SSMinnow the whole time.  That didn’t quite happen, but he was well in front of YHC and killed it.

We saw @BanjoBoy at the end … hiding without lights or a vest.  He kept up with us the whole time, but we never knew it until the end.  Glad you came out man.  Nice work!




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