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F3 MeCa | June 3, 2020

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Ladders at the Vet

  • When: 01/07/19
  • QIC: Othello
  • The PAX: Hugo, Chum, Convoy, Rice-a-Roni, Astrovan, Ribshack, PacMan, Booyah, Othello

Nine men decided to make themselves better and enter the gloom for a little Othello led BD.  Taking a lesson from Kannon during a recent visit, we did a series of ladders around the Vet track. Piledriver is to be a workout that pushes you a littler harder than most days.  We covered approximately 3 miles and the hear-rate was definitely up there.

At 0530 a lousy disclaimer was given and we began to mosey over to the track.  The rest went a little like this….

SSH x12 (x denotes cadence)
IST’s x12
Windmill x12
Slow 3 count Merkin x12
Mt. Climbers x12
Mosey to the corner of the track

The Thang
Today will consist of a series of ladders using all 4 corners of the track.  The ladder will be using the number “6”.  Do 5 reps on one corner, run to the other corner and do 1 rep at the other, run back.  Then 4-2, 3-3, 2-4, 1-5.  Got it?  Let’s go!
Corner 1-Corner 2:  5 Merkins to 1 Air Squat
Corner 2-Corner 3:  5 Air Squats – 1 WWII
Corner 3-Corner 4:  5 WWII – 1 Peter Parker
Corner 4-Corner 1:  5 Peter Parkers – 1 Core Killer (#Gottoshowtoknow)
Always P/U the Six if you finish early on any of the legs

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag for some…..

The “W” x10
Pretzel Crunch L/R


1,  We have Site Q’s or all locations in 2019.  Othello has the Vet, The Body/Chum has Bain and Toughskins has Metal.  Their job is to help coordinate Q’s for the new Google Calendar, NOT to Q every week!!  So….if you are interested in Qing one week, let the Site Q know,  Don’t wait until you are “volun-told” 🙂
2.  Chum instituted a new Google Calendar to replace the Sign-up Genius.  This is happening for Mint Hill ONLY.  Other AO Sign-up Genius links still work and are in use.
3.  The Gremlin is ready to go!  1/19/19-are you signed up? .  Click HERE
4.  Tonya Pinto can use some help taking the Christmas Wreaths off her windows.  If you have some time this week, please let her know and drop on by.  Should not take long at all.  Tonya Pinto Cell Number: (704) 614-0068

-Lots of hustle out there today, we covered a lot of ground and got our heart rate pretty high, if you were pushing.  Good work everyone!
-Good to see some old faces in the new year today:  Hugo, Ribshack, Booyah, PacMan, Rice-a-Roni.  You guys rocked it this morning!
-Convoy, you are getting stronger my friend!  Up near the front of the pack today.
-Astrovan, great seeing you this AM, You have done an awesome job on designing the Gremlin shirts, everyone I talk to likes them a lot – Kudos!
-Chum, you were strong today too, leading the pack as well.  Thank you for all you have done to keep Mint Hill organized and running smoothly over the years.  We will all figure out that Google Calendar…remember, it’s always the operator’s fault, not yours!
-Head & Shoulders, strong work too….from your FARTSACK! Ha!  Miss you Brother!
-No Body or TS?  What is going on here?
– Keep Rick Pinto and his Family in your prayers….


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